Miracle Method in Longmont, has been saving customers money and reinvigorating worn baths and kitchens since 2002. (Photo: Jonathan Castner).
The Natural Accents line offers a stone look in a variety of colors for countertops, vanities and tile surrounds. (Photo: Jonathan Castner).

If you’ve been in your house for a while, chances are your kitchen countertops are laminate, tile or Corian. Laminate was all the rage in the 1960s and 1970s while tile had its heyday in the 1970s and 1980s. Corian hit its stride in the 1990s, so where does that leave you in 2020? Probably sick of looking at the same chips, scars, burns, stains and dirty grout day in and day out! 

Laminate is usually one of the cheapest surfaces available. Many homeowners with a little know-how install it themselves. But it’s made from layers glued together, so damage to the surface happens pretty easily (think hot pots and sharp knives). Ceramic tile is a more substantial countertop surface but it often falls prey to cracks, and it’s a magnet for stains and bacteria. It’s porous. And tile grout requires sealing, at least once a year, to keep out stains, but that alone doesn’t mitigate the bacteria that thrive in the grout lines. Corian isn’t porous, so it doesn’t need to be sealed, and it’s pretty easy to clean. But it’s a softer surface than granite or marble and can be dented, scratched and burned. 

Before you resign yourself to replacing your kitchen counters, at a cost you don’t even want to think about, call Miracle Method in Longmont. If your counters are structurally sound and it’s just the tops bringing you down, Miracle Method will repair and refinish your laminate, tile and Corian countertops in just two or three days with no demolition and at a fraction of the cost of granite or stone. They can even add a softer edge to your existing countertop! This is an awesome feature if your kids are at that unfortunate height where they’re prone to banging their heads on sharp corners. 

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with the countertops, but the colors are just tired and dated. Miracle Method’s Natural Accents and Loft colors come in more than 30 varieties that amazingly look like stone. These revolutionary new finishes for countertops, vanities and ceramic tile are multicolor, with the texture of stone, but at a fraction of the cost of real granite, imitation granite or man made materials like Silestone, Corian or Swanstone. 

Is the notoriously hard to clean tile grout giving you fits? Miracle Method’s tile refinishing makes grout a moot point by completely sealing it. Do you have a weird counter layout? With Miracle Method, no demo or weird measuring and cutting is necessary. Really! 

“If your countertops are looking outdated, they’ve been damaged by cut marks or burns, or if laminate is falling off, it’s a good time to refinish them,” says Miracle Method in Longmont Owner Brian Weber. “Miracle Method can save you up to 70 percent over replacing them. Our product is a great solution.”

Miracle Method’s proprietary seven-layer process will extend the useful life of your counters for 15 years or even more. And the method will seem like a miracle indeed when you see the gorgeous, long-lasting, durable finish. Natural Accents and Loft finishes are seamless (bye bye filthy grout), non-porous and impervious to water. If you’ve ever had the displeasure of watching your laminate bubble up with water underneath it, you’ll love Miracle Method. No water underneath. No kidding.

How does it work? Miracle Method’s painstaking preparation, proprietary MM-4 bonding agent, advanced coatings and final detailing sets it apart from other refinishers. To start, the original surface is always completely cleaned and surface scratches and chips are filled and repaired. 

Next the surface is treated with MM-4, which creates a molecular bond between the cleaned surface and the new coating. No other company uses all these steps and the one-of-a-kind MM-4 bonding agent.

Cleaning? A breeze. Unlike granite countertops that need regular resealing and maintenance, Miracle Method finishes come clean with any non-abrasive, liquid cleaners or mild soap and water. No extra maintenance is required. 

Let’s pause for some straight talk. When a company appears in At Home with a nice feature showcasing their product or service, the worst thing the writer could do is misrepresent them. The credibility of both the writer and the company – in this case, Miracle Method – are on the line. If the writer said they were amazing, and every review online said something different, we’d have a big problem. Well, Miracle Method’s reviews on Yelp, Google and Angie’s list are overwhelmingly positive (you can verify). Here’s a sampling.

Yelp: “Had my countertops redone by Miracle Method. They did a wonderful job. The countertops look up to date and brand new. The prices are great, would highly recommend! – Maria F., Denver

Google: “I can’t thank Miracle Method enough. They did a spectacular job in rehabbing my kitchen counters and I am certainly glad I did not do them myself with one of those DIY kits. Certainly worth the price as the longevity of the counters will without a doubt outlive the cost. Thanks Miracle Method. A+” – George G.

Angie’s List: “This is by far the best company that I have ever used. From the first phone call to the finished project, they were professional, responsive, on time, and did excellent work. My newly refinished kitchen countertops look brand new and change the look of the entire kitchen. Sean, the technician who did the job arrived on time each of the two days, explained the process and when finished the kitchen was spotless. I would use this company again if I decide to refinish my guest bathroom shower tile and bathtub.”

Kitchen countertops are by no means all that Miracle Method can make better in your home. They can repair and refinish bathtubs, showers, vanities and floors. They install shower doors and retrofit Easy Step showers into handicapped-accessible bathrooms. Miracle Method even does commercial work in schools, hospitals, housing facilities and hotels. 

Miracle Method is working safely amidst the pandemic. Their showroom is open although locked. Customers in a single party are welcomed in, and when they leave, the showroom is cleaned before the next customers may enter. Masks are required. And Miracle Method’s technicians are of course masked and practicing appropriate distancing at all their work locations. The company isn’t messing around with COVID restrictions. They want every customer and staff member to be safe. 

Miracle Method serves all of Boulder County and Arvada, Brighton, Broomfield, Northglenn, Thornton, and Westminster. 1822 Sunset Place, Suite A, Longmont; 720.574.1095; miraclemethod.com/boulder.

By Darren Thornberry, for At Home Colorado