Scott Krenning, owner of Loveland Roofing, discusses a new roofing project with staff. (Jonathan Castner/At Home Colorado)

A completed project in 2019 (Courtesy Loveland Roofing)

Seasonality in Northern Colorado is one of the things that makes living here appealing – long, snowy winters and short, hot summers. But our mixture of altitude and weather also makes us the second-worst spot for hail damage claims in the United States.

Scott Krenning, owner of Loveland Roofing, has spent years helping residents and newcomers understand the financial impact of our seemingly never-ending spring and summer hail season.

And with early May already bringing our first hail of the year, they expect this year to be busy again, but hope that homeowners will consider the advantages of going with a longtime, Northern Colorado-based inspection and roofing repair company.

“We pride ourselves on being honest, and offering an honest assessment of your damage,” Krenning said. “We don’t go out knocking on doors for business. We rely on advertising, word of mouth and referrals from realtors and agents who trust our work, and our opinion.”

Krenning has worked in the roofing business for decades himself, and previously spent 15 years as an insurance adjuster, bringing a special level of expertise to the company.

As he explains, hail damage is a tricky and sometimes confusing situation for homeowners, as no situation is quite the same. Age and the condition of the roof play a role in the damage that may or may not have occurred.

With that in mind, Krenning’s key piece of advice is to contact a local company like Loveland Roofing before making a call to your insurance company, as an inspection can help determine the scope of the damage – and possibly save you an insurance claim in the first place.

A new roof can complement the look of your home. (Courtesy Loveland Roofing)

“Hail is a weird thing. And then people hear ‘well, my neighbor got his roof paid for by insurance, why not me?’ Hail is going to happen, so it’s important to reach out to an established company, one that’s going to be here five years down the road.”

According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, Colorado had the second-highest number of hail claims in the entire country, between 2017 and 2019 – over 380,000 claims, with only Texas homes and properties suffering more damage. We may be fifth in the country for hail events, but the growth in population in the Northern Colorado hail zone means that damage is costly: more than $5 billion in damage in the past 10 years.

“We’ll come out and tell you how it is, if the damage is minimal, or really bad. We know the ins and outs of insurance companies. Roofs aren’t cheap, and if you file three claims with your insurance company, they might drop you. Insurance repair prices are also set in stone, and can often work with you to get the possible deal for a repair job.”

They will also make a broader assessment of damage, unlike the legions of out-of-state roofing “inspectors” who seem to descend on our communities after every major storm.

“We do roof inspections all the time and the majority really don’t need roof replacement,” Krenning said. “Often, your roof may be in great shape, but the pipe jacks and accessories need some work. Our weather can dry out and crack away the rubber membrane around roof pipes, and that might just need some maintenance.”

If there is severe damage, Loveland Roofing can, of course, do a replacement job, and Krenning said there are a variety of options, ranging from traditional asphalt shingles to the more long-lasting (and more costly) metal roofs. During dry stretches so far this year, Loveland Roofing has done a record number of roof jobs, half of which have been metal roofs, he adds.

In addition to hail season, Loveland Roofing remains busy all year offering inspections for those selling their homes, especially where existing roofs have not passed home inspections, or are just simply old and in need of replacement.

“We also go above and beyond the repair work that’s required in some jurisdictions,” Krenning said. “We use what most would consider to be upgraded materials as our base standard, providing higher wind-ratings and a greater degree of durability to your roof, which is just better quality than most of our competitors. We don’t focus on quantity, we focus on quality.”

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By Andy Stonehouse, At Home Colorado