Thanks to social media, we’re now able to travel the world with a few scrolls through an Instagram feed – vicariously, of course. And when it comes to styling, luxury resorts and eclectic boutique accommodations have become more than just a place to stay but more of an aspirational lifestyle as a whole.

To help incorporate the luxurious designs of some of the most popular hotels and resorts popping up on your social screens, we’ve enlisted the help of designer Liubasha Rose, of Rose Ink Workshop, to introduce us to the current trends that can easily translate to the home, as well. Her resume speaks for itself: Rose is the designer behind the insanely chic 1 Hotel South Beach, as well as the redesign of swoon-worthy The Riviera in Palm Springs. To say she knows a thing or two about how to nail down luxury design is an understatement.

For us, Rose identified a few of the top design trends currently happening in the hotel scene _ from taking a spiritual lighting approach to embracing the look and feel of a community space. Below she points out the refreshing decor ideas that will give your home a vacation from the ordinary.

Sacred space
This trend is all about creating a healthier relationship with your space – whether it’s your home or office. Rose explains, “There has been a huge boom of green (mindful) design in the last few years with the reach of 1 Hotels, and other brands focused on sustainability. I think as the trends of wellness and connection to nature grow, it will shift to a more mystical place. Whether through the agrarian magic of plants or the ancient use of attuned crystals for charging spacial energies – creating sacred spaces that touch the mind, body and soul will become highly sought after.”

The theme focuses on cultivating energy through charged crystal accessories or by incorporating a wellness aspect through your decor that will accomplish this “sacred” aspect on a personal level. As Rose notes, “Sacred space is actually most effective in the home or workspace because, through constant interaction, it will have the longest lasting healing impact. For instance, with our lighting line Stone & Rose, we use natural crystal quartz to create constellations that are attuned to the clients’ energetic needs and desires. We charged the Sagittarius constellation I designed for a penthouse in South Beach to channel the qualities of optimism, discovery, travel and an exploration into the meaning of life. By re-creating the formation of a constellation, we are bringing the connection to the cosmos into the home or workspace and infusing the environment with the intentions and values that our clients want in their life.”

Another way to incorporate this trend is by inviting living and breathing elements of decor, like plants, to adorn the space, functioning as art and nature at the same time. Rose provides, “We often collaborate with Plant the Future, based in Miami, to incorporate biophilia by fusing design, architecture and art with nature.”

Get the look: Crystal votives or stone-inspired accessories invite an earthy and spiritual element into your space, even if it’s just a candle or a single light fixture.

With maximalism, there’s no such thing as going overboard when it comes to matching or opposing prints and layers. “For recent Rose Ink Workshop interiors, we’ve been layering with patterned wallpaper and an eclectic mix of fabrics, furniture, and art. I think this trend will push even deeper and it seems like it’s actually the highly layered and styled residential projects, which are getting attention on social media, are influencing hospitality design.”

How to accomplish this on your own? Rose explains, “In the home, this trend can be most visible in exuberant trims and layers of colors and patterns. A bold wallpaper that matches patterned drapery with an embellished seating group on top of a textured rug. And it feels like we will be seeing the classic ‘WASP’ look, using the same fabric or pattern on drapery, upholstery, and outdoor furniture.”

Get the look: Introduce a powerful, bold print whether it’s in the wallpaper, pillows, or curtains, and keep it as a recurring theme throughout the room.

Today, we’re more accustomed to the idea of a shared space and much more comfortable with the community feel versus privacy. The recent popularity of Airbnb rentals and bunk-bedded hotel accommodations have certainly helped trigger this movement. As Rose explains, “If you’re living in New York City or any other high-rent metropolis, you won’t be surprised by the trend towards micro-living and space-sharing in the home. For one, it’s economically effective and leaves a smaller footprint.”

This trend gives an open feel to your space, which invites a community aspect – even if it’s in the privacy of your own home. “From co-working to co-living and even co-creating – the millennial generation is all about being better together.”

Get the look: An open kitchen or a room that accommodates the gathering of a group welcomes this trend into your own space. Throw a few floor pillows down around a large round coffee table to incite conversation or stack the kitchen counter with glasses and beverages for easy access for all.

Fur real
Fortunately, this trend can be accomplished without the use of real fur since faux accessories are now more popular within the mass market. As Rose notes, “The use of real fur is more shunned than ever, but we are seeing many options for excellent faux fur and shag fabrics.”

With the use of pillows, cushions and throws, this trend brings a more diverse layered look to any room by adding tactile texture to even a sparse space. “For a few years, Mongolian fur pillows and rugs were extremely popular, but this trend is morphing from a ‘furry accessory’ to a furry statement piece. I think faux-fur ball pillows layered on top of a textured sofa will become the of the moment look.”

Get the look: Scatter a few small faux-fur pillows or one large one on your sofa and incorporate a shaggy throw in the bedroom to bring this hotel-inspired look home.

Curved and sculptural furniture
The rise of rounded furniture and accessories is apparent thanks to trend-setting destinations like Sketch London, where the upholstered tulip chair is queen. We’re anxious to take a round approach when refreshing the decor in our own homes to reflect the modern yet refined look.

Rose adds a bit more context behind the trend: “After the passing Vladimir Kagan last year, we began seeing curved, sculptural case goods and upholstery make its way to the mainstream. Sensuous shapes are finding their way into collections and retailers who have shown square and tailored lines for years. Bring on the bean-shaped sofa!”

Get the look: Take the edge off by investing rounded armchairs and sofas, even just by incorporating circular accessories like a carpet or pillow.

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