“Wake Up, Sleep Better” campaign aims to improve the quality of your sleep.

The quality of your day has a lot to do with how you feel when you first awaken. When you feel rested, you do well. If you are sleep deprived, it’s like you’re playing catch-up all day.

That’s the message behind “Wake Up, Sleep Better,” a campaign by the Verlo Mattress company to promote better sleep for everyone. Company executives gathered at the Boulder Verlo showroom on Thursday, March 30 for a press event to introduce their newest product, the SmartWake sleep monitor. SmartWake marks Verlo’s first venture into “sleep tech” and further connects the idea that behind every great mattress lays a good night’s sleep.

Since 1958, Verlo has built its brand on locally made, customizable mattresses. “But really, we are sleep advocates, and we want to offer sleep solutions,” explains Julie Tramonte, who writes The SNEWZZZ, Verlo’s daily blog. “Sleep is one of the most accessible things you can do for better health. Unfortunately, we end up putting a low priority on sleep. But you know how you feel when you haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep. Even the NFL is starting to take into account the importance of sleep for athletes.”

Tramonte says that teenagers are more sleep challenged today than ever. “With all the homework, sports, memorizing and studying, they all need more sleep. Sleeping may not seem like a cool thing to do, but excelling at sports certainly is.”

Scott Baitinger, Verlo chief marketing officer, explained how the new sleep monitor works. “SmartWake records your heart and respiratory rates and measures how much you move, and when. You place the monitor underneath your mattress, and it communicates through the night with the SmartWake app on your smartphone.”

Users receive a daily sleep score and create a sleep diary, Baitinger said. “A smart snooze setting on the app keeps you from falling back into a deep sleep, and you get basic tips along the way to improve your sleep.” The monitoring system was developed in partnership with a medical device company and is considered highly accurate.

Kathy Thornton-Bias, Verlo president and COO, was proudly showing an architectural rendering of the new Arvada Verlo showroom and factory, scheduled for opening in Summer 2018. “Verlo is experiencing some exciting growth right now, and we are on track to open five new locations this year,” Thornton-Bias said. Showrooms average 5,000 square feet and include an onsite mattress factory.

The new Arvada location will be the third Verlo showroom owned by Dick Sumerfield, who moved to Boulder 30 years ago to open his first store after purchasing a Verlo mattress for himself.

Verlo also has a new portable mattress product that fits in a box. “It’s designed especially for dorm rooms, guest bedrooms or kids rooms,” said Randon Brewster, Verlo district manager. “You simply take it out of the box, and it expands on its own. You can sleep on it within minutes.”

The new mattress line is made using the same memory foam as standard mattresses. Like any Verlo mattress, it can be customized after the sale to adjust the firmness to owner preferences. The new mattress-in-a-box can be purchased online, verlo.com, or through local Verlo showrooms.

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By L. L. Charles, At Home