Scott Matthias, who leads the Colorado chapter of Knock Knock Angels, is second from the left side, pictured with volunteers from the nonprofit.

Scott Matthias, who leads the Colorado chapter of Knock Knock Angels, is second from the left side, pictured with volunteers from the nonprofit. (Photo courtesy: Duane Duggan).

Duane Duggan

Duane Duggan, Realtor and Author RE/MAX of Boulder

November serves as an important time for remembering our Veterans of the Armed Forces and thanking them for their tremendous service to our country. Many of those veterans – along with many others – for a huge variety of reasons are facing homelessness. As winter approaches, it is an especially critical time for them to be housed.

Knock Knock Angels, a nonprofit, was started in California in 2016 by Vicki Lobo and has moved into Washington and Colorado. In Colorado, Scott Matthias and Barrett Miller have taken the reins of the Colorado chapter, which started operations in 2021. Their mission is to empower newly housed individuals with a hopeful beginning through the provisions of home furnishings. Since the establishment of the Colorado chapter, over 30 individuals and families have benefited from what the organization calls “a makeover” – setting up recipients with comfortable home furnishings.

Scott Matthias, a Realtor® at Madison and Company Properties, works tirelessly towards the success of this organization. Scott says, “It is a lot of hard work,” but he was rewarded when one of the veterans served said, “I was hoping to get a couch and a bed, but Knock Knock Angels transformed my empty apartment into a completely furnished home!”

Knock Knock Angels serves newly housed individuals and families who have recently overcome homelessness with a “makeover,” which not only includes furniture based on their greatest needs, but also essential living supplies to transform their house into a true home. Their main focus has been helping veterans, single moms and seniors. An entity called HUD-VASH (Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing) identifies those who are in need and passes their names along to Knock Knock Angels.

Knock Knock Angels is 100% supported by donations and since it is served by volunteers, 100% of the money raised goes to the cause. The Colorado chapter has a goal of helping 24 recipients in 2024.

You can visit the Knock Knock Angels website at or contact them directly at 303.775.0033. On the website, you can register for their Country Christmas fundraising event. A Country Christmas will be held on Sat., Dec. 2, 2023, at 6 p.m. The South Metro Denver Realtor® Association at 6436 S. Racine Circle in Centennial will provide the backdrop for a perfect evening. The event includes a fun night of great food, music, dancing and exciting auction items. A successful evening will help Knock Knock Angels reach their goal of completing 24 makeovers in 2024!

By Duane Duggan. Duane graduated with a business degree and a major in real estate from the University of Colorado in 1978. He has been a Realtor® in Boulder since that time. He joined RE/MAX of Boulder in 1982 and has facilitated over 2,500 transactions over his career. Living the life of a Realtor and being immersed in real estate led to the inception of his book, Realtor for Life. For questions, e-mail [email protected], call 303.441.5611 or visit