Scott Krenning, co-owner, Loveland Roofing

Until Mark Findley called Loveland Roofing, the Loveland homeowner hadn’t realized how much damage had been inflicted to his roof over the years by Colorado’s high-altitude sun and stormy weather, especially hailstorms like the whopper that hit in mid-July last year.

“Honestly, we hadn’t had our roof checked in years. I called Scott at Loveland Roofing to take a look at it. He got up there and said there definitely was damage beyond the normal wear and tear you expect – a couple of hailstorms’-worth of damage,” Findley says.

Many insurance companies will recommend that homeowners call a roofing company first to get an estimate, before a claims adjuster comes out to look at your roof.

Co-owned by Scott Krenning and Andrew Barber, Loveland Roofing has specialized in home roofing services – inspections, repairs and total roof replacements – for more than 20 years in Loveland, Fort Collins, Estes Park, Windsor, Berthoud and all across Northern Colorado.

“Scott had been an insurance adjuster in the area for 15 years, so he really knows the codes. He walked us through the whole claim process,” Mark Findley says.

When he contacted his insurance company the adjuster inspected the roof and confirmed Scott Krenning’s analysis that there was significant damage. “Scott’s cost estimate for replacing the roof was almost identical with the one from the claims adjuster,” he says.

“Our roof has been upgraded and it increased our home value,” Findley says. His roof was installed by the company in May. Most of their home roof replacement jobs are typically finished in one day, reducing exposure to the elements during the summer storm season.

Another Loveland homeowner, Douglas James, also gives a glowing review to the straightforward and professional work delivered by Loveland Roofing and believes the decision was also a good financial investment.

“We were looking at some extensive renovations on our house and I thought we might need a new roof. I called Loveland Roofing and they came out right away. After spending quite a bit of time up there inspecting they told us that we needed a new roof,” Douglas James says.

“After we called the insurance company, the adjuster came out to the house and said the same thing. He told us that our current roof was not up to code,” James says.

The result was a satisfied customer.

“Loveland Roofing made it very easy to work with the insurance company. I got a free upgrade to impact resistant roofing which will save me money on my homeowner’s insurance. It also improves the value of our home. The only money I am really out is the deductible,” Douglas James says. His roof was also installed in May.

It was important to Mark Findley that the company he worked with was not one of those fly-by-night roofers who show up going door to door through neighborhoods after a hailstorm offering bargain roofing jobs.

He admits that he knew the owners of Loveland Roofing long before they purchased the already established business in town. “It actually goes back to when I was the baseball coach for the Loveland High School Indians. Scott and Andrew were the top two pitchers on our team – really, two of the best at the time. They are from here and they’re active in the community and have earned a good reputation,” Findley says.

Loveland Roofing is fully licensed and insured and is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. The company’s professional crew has worked together on local roofs for the past 12 years and observes all State of Colorado COVID-19 health safety practices.

To set up an appointment, contact Loveland Roofing at 970.278.0180. For more information, visit the website:

By John Lehndorff, for At Home. Photos Courtesy: Loveland Roofing


Loveland Roofing works with all sizes and types of homes, from new constructions to reroofing after a storm.