(Photo courtesy: Aspen Leaf Roofing).

Residential roofing in Northern Colorado is big business. Because of this, the market has become saturated with local and national companies competing for jobs throughout the area. So, does it really matter if you get your roofing project completed by a local contractor versus a national one? Let’s take a look at why it might.

First, it’s always nice to support local businesses when possible. Aspen Leaf Roofing performs roofing in Fort Collins for locals, by locals. They do all of its business in the greater Northern Colorado area and Denver. but one of the biggest benefits of using a local contractor over a national one is that your local business should be more familiar with your local building codes and should have a better understanding of how inspections are planned and finalized. It may not seem like a big deal, but skipping over a small code item could lead to expensive repairs to bring your roof up to spec. The requirements for the city of Fort Collins are much different than the Larimer County requirements. Windsor, Loveland and Greeley are all unique as well. It’s always comforting to know that with a local contractor, they have an additional incentive to make sure your project is finished correctly.

Another reason you may find yourself wanting to employ a local roofing contractor to replace your roof is that the overall sales process will most likely be more enjoyable. Not all national contractors are difficult, but a small percentage do engage in aggressive sales tactics. It’s not uncommon for them to try and up-charge for unnecessary items and upgrades. You could find this same issue with a local team, but it’s much less likely.

Arguably the most important reason to use someone local is that it won’t cost you anything extra. In most cases, you’ll be making a homeowners insurance claim, and your carrier will be paying the bill for your new roof. You’ll only be responsible for your deductible, whether you use a local contractor or a national one. Although there are exceptions, most national contractors use cheaper, out-of-state materials to help save costs. Although these materials are sufficient, you may see early degradation in your shingles and could even have premature leaks if a cheaper underlayment is used. Most local companies tend to use higher quality, locally made materials. If replacing your roof is going to cost you the same in either scenario, you may as well get a better quality roof.

Staying local is also good for your local economy because you’ll be employing local workers.  Although, again, there are some exceptions, many out-of-state companies may bring in laborers from different parts of the country. This doesn’t mean the quality of workmanship is necessarily better or worse, but again it’s always nice to invest your money locally whenever possible.

Whether you’ve had a local or national contractor inspect your roof, just know that it’s always recommended to get at least two inspections before having your roof repaired or replaced. As a consumer, it’s wise to put in the extra effort to find the contractor who you believe is the best fit for you and your project.

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