Discriminating buyers choose Innovative Openings for all types of window coverings.

Innovative Openings, based in Louisville, sells interior window blinds, shades and shutters, as well as exterior shading solutions including awnings and retractable insect screens. In addition to Hunter Douglas and other distinctive lines, they are especially proud to offer Insolroll Solar Shades, made by the company’s own award-winning manufacturer headquartered next door to their Louisville showroom.

Sales Manager Kevin Anderson notes that the clean look of roller shades makes them the fastest growing market segment. Consumers are interested in simple yet elegant, child-safe window treatments that don’t accumulate dust as traditional draperies do. They want to allow light flow and views, and offer functionality like motorization, smartphone control, creating scenes and schedules and even using voice control.

“Our roots are in energy-efficient window treatments,” says Anderson. “We started out 40 years ago in Boulder County helping customers decrease heat loss through windows with more efficient treatments. The need for sun control and heat reduction in warmer months was clear, and in the late 1980s we established Insolroll as our manufacturing division. Today it’s a nationally recognized brand offering solar, blackout, decorative and patio shades throughout North America. At Innovative Openings, we offer the Insolroll brand direct from factory.”

He adds, “Window treatment possibilities are broader and more personal than ever before, and at Innovative Openings, we’ve got the experience, technical expertise and skill to maximize the look, function and efficiency of our customers’ windows. Offering both interior and exterior treatments with locally produced options, we provide a selection unique in our industry, and a full-service buying experience including warranty service after the sale. The care we take with detailing is something you can’t get from an online or ready-made seller.”

Energy efficiency is important
Innovative Openings encourages the use of energy-efficient window coverings, lowering cooling costs in the summer and keeping rooms warmer in the winter. Solar shades, for example, block heat, glare and UV rays, without blocking the view. Completely retractable, they also allow passive warming during winter. Duette® Honeycomb Shades are another top energy-efficiency choice, designed with honeycomb-shaped air pockets that provide insulation at the window.

New technologies available in motorization control enhance energy efficiency and homeowners’ daily lives. According to Anderson, “The demand and popularity of smart shades and blinds is higher than ever. Those systems have become more affordable, and are going into a wide range of homes.”

Motorized shades can be controlled with smartphones and tablets. Users can set “scenes,” custom settings to move shades to chosen positions for specific time of day, activity or occasion – with the touch of a button. Homeowners can also create schedules – for instance, having shades open halfway every day at sunrise. App-based control allows shade control away from home, as well as Alexa voice control. Scenarios range from simple standalone systems with battery-powered shades (no hard-wiring required) to sophisticated integration with whole-home automation platforms controlling all residential systems. Simply scheduling shades to open and close at certain times of day increases energy efficiency, resulting in reduced cooling costs and less UV damage to floors
and furnishings.

> Innovative Openings serves Denver, Boulder and surrounding areas. 667 S. Pierce Ave., Louisville, 303.665.1305, innovativeopenings.com

By Judy Finman. Photos: Innovative Openings