By Emily Baudot, At Home Northern Colorado

Many homeowners are turning to their backyards to safely get exercise and escape cabin fever.

But, how can you get the most out of your land?

Your property can easily turn into an outdoor paradise with just a few improvements. Specifically, with installations that increase the usable space in your yard.

Cedar Supply in Loveland provides a handy collection of improvement ideas for folks on any budget. 


Fences don’t just define your property line—they also provide privacy, security, and a place to put your coffee mug while you look out at the views. They come in countless styles, and prices vary from a couple hundred dollars to a few grand depending on materials, length and sturdiness.

Obviously, a lightweight, artificial fence will cost less than solid ones made from stained wood. But don’t be afraid to explore your options. Even the fancy stuff like ornamental iron can be relatively affordable.

Limitless options make fences a great starting point for backyard improvements. Temporary or low-security fences make for great DIY projects, too. Contact a professional for longer fences, security barriers and higher-quality construction materials.

Patios and Decks

Patios are ground-level areas made of wood or stone. Decks are elevated and can either stand freely or be built off another yard structure. Both create an even surface out of potentially uneven ground or poor grass.

This is where your creativity can really shine. Imagine a deck next to a pool, with pumps and equipment hidden in the space underneath. Or maybe a patio extending from the mother-in-law-suite. Something as simple as a grilling station becomes more useful on an even floor.

Like fences, patios and decks vary widely in price. Generally, a quality wooden deck will cost upwards of $5,000 simply because of the volume of materials needed.

As the team Cedar Supply suggests, it’s important to consider your materials, color options and durability levels before committing to a plan. If you go with an elevated deck, an installer is the way to go to ensure safety and quality. 


These structures complement a landscape while improving shade. Pergolas range from small, pre-built accent archways to large, four-pillared structures.

They do not have full-coverage roofs and look great over entertainment spaces or even as a simple marker for a garden path.

It’s best to let professionals build pergolas. Cedar Supply’s sister company, Pergolas Direct, offers pre-built, budget-friendly options that still compliment any home exteriors. 

Gazebos and Cabanas

Gazebos are similar to pergolas: they lack walls but have a full-coverage roof. Cabanas have a full roof and two to three walls.

Both can cover connected patios or stand on their own as statement pieces. They’re especially useful in Colorado because they allow homeowners to use their backyards in sun, rain or snow. 

Since their roofs are load-bearing and weather-resistant, a professional should install them. These are not inexpensive investments (anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000), but they are worth their cost in enjoyment and boost your home’s value.

Imagine sitting hunkered down in a Jacuzzi, with a gazebo protecting you from light snowfall! That’s an experience worth its weight in gold—or more appropriately, wood.

Wrapping Up

Remember, any of these elements can be mixed and matched to make your property unique. There are endless options for every price range and aesthetic, from a simple veranda to a fully-equipped outdoor entertainment space.

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