Q: Dear Ed: Next year we are looking to turn one of our unused bedrooms into a bathroom. For the shower area we would like to look into the new electronic mixing valves in place of a standard hand-turning shower valve. Can you please provide us with more information on digital shower mixing valves?

A: A digital shower system usually includes three main components: an electronic mixing valve body that connects to the water lines and is installed behind a shower wall, plus two digital remote controls that are hardwired to the valve body. One control is installed inside the shower stall and the second optional control can be installed outside the shower stall. So, there is your first advantage with a digital system, total shower control from outside the shower stall!

Some other nice features with a digital mixing valve include: easy-to-read LCD displays, one-touch button operation (versus hand-turning), multi-zone control, warmup and pause mode and timing settings to help manage water use.

Bottom line: The advantages with a digital shower mixing valve can really add up.

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By Ed Del Grande, Tribune News Service (TNS)