Spring has sprung, and there’s no time like the present for letting go. For some, organization can be a time-consuming and emotionally draining endeavor. For others, it is its own reward. In case you’re more in need of a quick, easy fix in the face of juggling it all, we asked one of our favorite new moms, actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, for her best tips for throwing spring cleaning into hyperdrive. A self-professed “huge organizer,” Sigler was all too happy to let us in on the joys of cultivating a clutter-free zone. We’re boiling it down to the basics. Prepare for the easiest streamlining guide anywhere.

Purge seasonally
Sigler says between seasons is the best time to get rid of clutter. “You are ready for new things at that point anyway,” explains the actress, who recommends setting a hard and fast date every few months to assess your space. Whatever is not in immediate use, consider relocating. “If it’s something you want to save for the next generation or just can’t part with but know you have no use for it at the moment, pack it in a box, label it, and put it in the garage.” Eliminate all extras from your day-to-day space and make way for mental peace and
clear vibes.

Motivate with chic tools
“Box, box, box!” Sigler declares as her number one rule. Acquiring the right organizing tools makes the process all the more fun. “I go for getting cute boxes, big wicker or wooden chests that double as storage,” she tells us. “Modular furniture allows you to throw pictures, blankets and random items in there easily. You can have access to them no problem, but they won’t take up space or be an eyesore.” Her sleek, pared-down nursery is a master class at keeping it all discreetly tucked away.

Hire out
Sometimes, you just need to bring in the big guns. If organizing is not strictly your thing, don’t be shy about outsourcing – Sigler recommends the service Clutter. “They literally come to your house, pack up everything, photograph it and bring it to a storage unit,” she tells us. “Everything is itemized, so whenever I need to access anything, from baby stuff or holiday decorations, I simply click on what I want, and they bring it right back.”

Maintain strict deadlines
“I completely understand not being able to let things go. It gets emotional,” Sigler confides. Before making major cuts, she recommends consolidating. If you’ve got bulk items, first gather them all in one place. The next step is establishing a strict deadline for moving on. Think of it as your storage shelf-life. “My rule is if I haven’t worn it or used it in a year, let it go,” says Sigler. Pop anything you’re considering tossing into a box, get it out of sight and see if it stays out of mind.

Pay it forward
One of the most rewarding aspects of spring cleaning is the ability to give back to those in need. “Bringing things to places like Goodwill will remind you that your things live on and help others,” she says. “What’s better than that?” Moving forward with a generous and grateful spirit leaves room for wondrous new things to come your way.

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By Jillian Knox Finley, Domaine (TNS)