By Mary Lynn Bruny

Ah, spring in Colorado! The grass is greening, flowers are popping up and trees are blooming. Who can resist this joyous time of year? Apparently not most creatures and humans who are bounding with energy.

For example, there are the bouncing squirrels. Those of you who watch these nutcases know what I mean: they are so revved up that they just bonk straight up and down. These shenanigans are accompanied by tearing around the yard, across fences, and up and down trees at warp speed. Hilarious.

Then there are the bunnies. They are skittish but can act equally as crazy. Some years we see baby squirrels and bunnies playing together: chasing each other about and jumping over one another. They’re just so full of beans and need to play, they don’t care that they’re different species (as they’re both vegetarians, of course).

The birds are also in full force. They are tightly wired little dudes, especially when raising their babies. Then they can be crazed, squawking, dive-bombing gobs of feathers and sharp beaks. I watch them from a safe distance; I respect their needs and abilities to terrorize.

Even our ancient, scruffy-looking cat is enthused by spring and manages to wobble out on our back deck for a few minutes each day to sniff the fresh air, feel the sunshine and watch the wildlife.

“How is that cat still alive?” asked one of our friends recently. “She’s been old forever.”

She is definitely way past her sell-by date. But really, why should she die? She has it so good. She’s incredibly spoiled by both my husband and me as we keep thinking she’s going to die soon. And yet she never does. She’s got our number.

Besides the furry and feathered creatures, there are the young humans who definitely are enthused by spring. We live in Boulder between CU and Chautauqua Park, so the college students walk by our place to go hiking. I call this time of year “guns and buns” season as that is what is on full display no matter the temperature.

I will be wearing jeans and a flannel shirt while gardening in our front yard on a chilly early spring day. A pack of boisterous young men will walk by in nothing but sunglasses, gym shorts and athletic shoes (thus displaying their guns – AKA arm muscles), while carrying some electronic device projecting loud, pulsating music. I believe the excessive music is there just in case other young people within a few blocks can’t easily hear or see this huge, loud-talking pack of mobile testosterone.

Of course, the young women give equal skin representation, which is duly noted by both students and locals alike. Our youngest son used to sit on our front porch and play guitar while watching packs of chatty, energetic young women ambling by in very short shorts.

Side note: if there is one thing universally found to be very appealing, it’s an attractive person who plays guitar. How many music careers have been launched due to young people wanting to be noticed and admired? I think all music lovers should be thankful for this hormonal motivation.

Last year on one busy corner near CU was a house that had a pack of young women who hung around a front yard baby pool while clad in bikinis. Due to all the look-y looing, driving at the four-way stop came to a crawl. Not sure if all the honking was from impatient drivers or appreciative gazers. If I were a betting person, I’d say the latter.

Ah, spring: it ain’t boring.

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