Lanterns at Rock Creek in Superior Colorado.

Lanterns at Rock Creek in Superior, CO. (Photo: Timothy Seibert)

Kristine and Charlie Thrush wanted an open, light-steep “forever home” that exuded comfort – yet also empowered joyous “day to day living”. (Photo: Timothy Seibert).

For one Superior couple, Lanterns at Rock Creek is a dream come true.

Kristine and Charlie Thrush wanted an open, light-steeped “forever home” that exuded comfort – yet also empowered joyous “day to day living,” said Kristine. “We’re not getting any younger,” she continued with a laugh. “I wanted a house where we could live how we wanted in an area we loved, and here we are: We found our dream home.”

That dream home – a ranch-style paired patio home at Lanterns in Rock Creek in Superior – was, literally, an unexpected move. For most of their fifteen years of marriage, Kristine and Charlie have exuberantly hopped between their former abode in the Rock Creek neighborhood of Superior and Panama City, Charlie’s childhood home and the seat of his property management business (Charlie is “retired in the abstract,” he said, and has been coordinating with his sister in Panama to superintend his properties during the COVID-19 pandemic). “We were happy where we were,” Charlie said. “But then one day while driving home after golfing at Coal Creek, I saw dirt being moved and decided to look into it.”

Kristine added, “We had done some remodeling of our other home in Superior, but I wanted more light, more openness. We knew we wanted to stay in Boulder County, and we really love Superior with its small-town feel, open space, wildlife, mountains and close commute to downtown Denver.” Thus, Charlie said, “We learned about Boulder Creek Neighborhoods and were impressed. Soon one thing led to another.” Kristine concluded, “We knew this was a house we could live – really live – in.” They closed on their Lanterns home by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods in October.

The open-floor plan kitchen at Lanterns at Rock Creek. (Photo: Boulder Creek Neighborhoods).

A home that fuels ‘lifefullness’
Kristine isn’t kidding when it comes to “really living” – a phenomena Boulder Creek Neighborhoods celebrates as “lifefullness,” or living fully in pursuit of one’s passions and dreams. Kristine admitted, “I’m kind of a type-A personality. I get up at 4:30 or 5 a.m. to walk our dog, then I’m down on the Peloton in the ‘office-quote-gym.’ I do it for myself, for good health and to feel happy.” Most days after work she’s back out walking Reggie Jackson, a whoodle (half wheaton terrier and half poodle), and sometimes she throws in an evening run. “Getting moving makes me a more pleasant person,” she cheerfully declared.

The optional finished lower level of their new home is key to Kristine’s quality of life – one of those examples of Boulder Creek’s commitment to the house serving the enhanced life experience, said Boulder Creek Sales Manager Donna Lu Gamberg. Kristine said, “I need that gym space downstairs, and I love that it’s also my office and has a door, so I can work with the headset on and take calls when needed.” For Kristine, a comptroller at Wright Water Engineers Inc. in Denver, the best part of occasionally working from home is “getting to take Reggie on walks in the middle of the day,” during which they romp across Superior’s extensive trail network. “We both love to get out,” she said, “and the trails are wonderful.”

Likewise, Charlie, the other half of the devoted Reggie team, hits the trails four times a day with their dog. “We do love Reggie,” Charlie agreed. “And we enjoy all the Colorado has to offer.” When not walking or hiking, Charlie, a former minor league player in Panama, plays softball and most frequently, golfs. “As my hours reduce at work, I’m looking forward to golfing more with my husband,” Kristine said. The Thrushes both relish a relaxed lifestyle full of movement, loved ones and good food.

Gamberg is thrilled to hear what the Thrushes have been up to since closing on their new home. “The lower-maintenance lifestyle in our homes is often what really lets folks do more of the things they love,” Gamberg says. A “Lifestyle Association” is handed the task of managing a handful of outdoor home maintenance chores on behalf of the homeowners at Lanterns at Rock Creek. “It’s what sets Boulder Creek apart,” Gamberg says, “and offers Lifefullness to our homeowners.”

Kristine and Charlie’s welcoming vibe extends, again, particularly to the lower level where they put in a wet bar and pool table. (Photo: Timothy Seibert).

Welcoming vibe inside and out
In contrast to their former home, which Kristine and Charlie draped in vibrant colors, the Thrushes’ new home is “contemporary farmhouse in style because we wanted totally different,” said Kristine. At Lanterns at Rock Creek, they selected subtle gray cabinetry, soothing paint tones, and hardwood throughout the home, excepting the two main-floor bedrooms. From the front entrance to the main floor master suite of their ‘Triumph’ floor plan, “you don’t feel tension,” said Kristine: “I don’t want a home that feels stark, where you walk in and you don’t know if you’re supposed to take off your shoes.”

Kristine and Charlie’s welcoming vibe extends, again, particularly to the lower level. Next to Kristine’s office and gym is a large area for gathering. “We put in a wet bar and pool table and are looking forward to time with friends and family,” Kristine said. As the weather warms, the Thrushes anticipate unwinding on their back patio, with space for a grill and outdoor dining, and in the front courtyard under the raised pergola. “I even have a cute little bench ready,” she said. For now, they are making the most of their fire put and fully wired home with surround sound. “We got a turn table and have been listening to vinyl,” Kristine said. “We like to have a little wine, listen to music, relax around the fire pit at the end of the day.”

Gamberg adds her own spin: “Coffee on the front courtyard and a cocktail on the back patio!” She explained that Lanterns at Rock Creek offers four floor plans, all ranch-style patio homes with lower levels (with the option to finish). “The different sizes and options appeal to almost everyone,” Gamberg says, adding, “the home could be as cozy as 1,637 to more than 3,300 square feet.”

Kristine’s favorite person to host might be her grandson, who claims a dedicated room in the new house. “We set it up just for him with his toys,” she said. Kristine’s three children, all married, frequently return home for the holidays, “and, well, we like each other and wanted space to be together,” Kristine said. Between the lower level, three extra bedrooms and open great room on the main level, “there’s room for all,” she said.

A home ‘wonderful’ to return home to
For Kristine, who spends her days working with engineers, if she was going to move, she wanted an exceptionally reliable home. “Every night I’d come by and see the new house being built. It was an exciting time,” she said.

Their move became more exciting after they sold their former home earlier than planned. Kristine recalled, “We had a good offer, and it was a pandemic, of course, so we didn’t want to say no. We ended up staying in a one-bedroom apartment for a while, but it was a good bonding experience and made us appreciate the new home – with a two-car garage and our great open kitchen – that much more.”

Post-pandemic, in addition to hosting parties, the Thrushes are eager to travel, particularly to their beloved Panama. “I love the beaches,” Kristine said. Since Boulder Creek Neighborhoods’ homes are always lower-maintenance, even when Charlie and Kristie “chase after summer in the winter,” as Charlie said, they can rest assured that the snow is being shoveled with the lower-maintenance services provided by the Lifestyle Association. “Eventually we’ll get back down there (to Panama), and that will be wonderful,” Kristine said. “And it will also be wonderful to come back to our new home.”

Homes at Lanterns at Rock Creek finish in the $700s to $800s, and a model home is available to tour by appointment at 1270 Lanterns Lane in Superior. To learn more about Lanterns or to make an appointment, visit, or contact the Boulder Creek Concierge Team at 720.548.2820.

By Sarah Huber, At Home Colorado. Photography by Timothy Seibert