Low-Maintenance Homes

Low-Maintenance Homes

Placing all of the daily essentials on the main floor means significantly fewer trips up and down the stairs – a welcome change from the typical two-story home available today. (Photo: Boulder Creek Neighborhoods)

Research shows that there are over 70 million baby boomers in the United States, and around 10,000 baby-boomers retire every day. These folks now have the freedom to pursue the adventures of a new chapter in their lives. Many are finding that the large family home where they built a career and raised a family no longer suits their needs. Many are empty-nesters, and find that their once-treasured family home is now too big and too much to maintain. Some are entering the reality of a fixed-income lifestyle, and are learning what that means to them. Their needs have changed, and they are seeking a new way of life. 

For many, a first step in that new chapter is a new home. The large family home is now more of a burden, so a search for a smaller, “right-sized” home begins. 

Enter Boulder Creek Neighborhoods – a Colorado-based homebuilder whose award-winning, low-maintenance designs are popular with those looking to downsize their home and find the free time to focus on the things they’ve always dreamed. Boulder Creek’s homes vary in size and price, but all have one thing in common – a low-maintenance philosophy that makes many exterior home maintenance chores a thing of the past. 

Boulder Creek has invested time and energy in thorough market research to understand the needs of this discerning, down-sizing homebuyer. After all, the stakes are pretty high when you are considering buying a home that will suit your needs for a new chapter of life.

What they’ve discovered is that their homebuyers are looking for more than simply a roof overhead.   Boulder Creek homeowners seek a home that enhances their lifestyle.  They are in search of neighbors who also understand the value of a well-maintained community, and who want to make new connections of their own.

The team at Boulder Creek set out to design homes and neighborhoods that do just that, and buyers have responded. “If you are looking for a new low-maintenance home along the Front Range, Boulder Creek is probably the builder for you,” says the company’s Vice President of Sales Brian Fink.

Fink points to Boulder Creek’s vast array of home styles and locations, with prices starting in the mid $300s to over $1 million. “Our job is to listen to the needs of the buyer, and then match the right home, in the right location, for the right price,” he says of his community sales teams. 

“Virtually all of our neighborhoods feature at least one ranch-style home design,” says Fink, noting that many communities offer exclusively that style of home. Especially for the empty-nester buyer, there is an ever-growing desire for main-floor living. Placing all of the daily essentials on the main floor means significantly fewer trips up and down the stairs – a welcome change from the typical two-story home available today.

Low-Maintenance Homes

Low-maintenance ranch style villas at Calmante in Superior. (Photo: Boulder Creek Neighborhoods)

With homes for sale in Louisville, Superior, Erie, Longmont, Aurora, Stapleton and Thornton, you’ll find a variety of architectural designs and neighborhood styles. Boulder Creek offers everything from the sleek, urban feel of the DELO townhomes in downtown Louisville, to the more traditional ranch paired-patio homes at Tramonto in southwest Longmont.

Fink mentions another popular neighborhood that was launched in 2017 – The Villas at Calmante.  Located in the popular town of Superior, buyers have recognized the rarity in the location neighboring thousands of acres of Boulder County Open Space. This new neighborhood is across the street from Boulder Creek’s nearly completed townhome neighborhood at Calmante.  With site development ongoing and model home construction underway, buyers in Boulder County are already clamoring for these low-maintenance ranch style Villas, with finished lower levels and the possibility for a 3-car garage in Superior. 

Bucking a decades-long industry trend of “bigger means better,” Boulder Creek recently introduced the wee-Cottage® series into its home collection portfolio. With sizes ranging from 900 to 1200 square feet, this new concept is designed for the true “downsizer,” who prioritizes a low-maintenance lifestyle and a smaller footprint at a more attainable cost. The wee-Cottages at The Lakes at Centerra sold out in under a year, and plans are in motion to bring the home series to Stapleton and Longmont in 2018. While 2017 has been a landmark year for Boulder Creek, 2018 will bring exciting news to the new home market in Colorado. Several popular neighborhoods, like Eastlake in Thornton and Brennan by the Lake in Erie, are almost completely sold out. The Encore home series in Aurora and the easyHouse® series at Denio West in Longmont remain some of the most requested home series. Planned for 2018 are new wee-Cottage® opportunities in Longmont and Stapleton, as well as the grand opening of new ranch patio home neighborhoods in Thornton and Superior.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive to buy a new home in retirement, this decision is more common than you would think.  Cash proceeds from the sale of a family home often result in little or no mortgage payment, freeing up valuable resources to live life to the fullest.

Further, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods has worked tirelessly to design homes that are low-maintenance, both in terms of routine outdoor chores (like snow shoveling and lawn mowing) and also in the construction of the home itself. Building materials selected for durability and longevity and energy conserving components combine to help keep the true cost of home ownership down. 

Right-sized designs, a low-maintenance lifestyle, quality construction, and energy saving features, Boulder Creek has it all.

If a low-maintenance lifestyle and a home that’s right for your needs sound appealing, now is the time to act. Community managers are happy to answer any questions you may have, and in-person tours really give a sense of what the homes feel like. This is an exciting time to be in the search for a new home and 2018 will bring even more opportunities to find the perfect home for you. Boulder Creek’s online sales concierge team is dedicated to answering your questions and providing more information – reach them at 720.334.7973 or visit their website at livebouldercreek.com.