Lower-maintenance homes empower the lifestyle of your dreams

A lower-maintenance home at Villas at Calmante in Superior. (Photo: Timothy Seibert).

Each day, in neighborhoods across Boulder County and beyond, Boulder Creek homeowners are passionately and joyfully pursuing “lives fully lived” – the mission and mantra of Louisville-based homebuilder Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. Boulder Creek President and Founder David Sinkey explained, “For our homebuyers, lives fully lived means they have the opportunity to achieve the lifestyle of their dreams, whether that’s traveling, volunteering, favorite hobbies or just relaxing. We often ask our homeowners what they will do with their new-found free time, and the answers are so much fun. We hear everything from knitting to scuba diving to everything in between.”

Take a random February afternoon this year, and one easily finds Boulder Creek homeowners living their dreams in a home intentionally designed to enable their unique lifestyle. At the Villas at Calmante, for instance, one family tended their potted plants, destined for their patio this spring, while at Lanterns at Rock Creek a busy professional and her dog unwound with a snowy run on the trails adjacent to her home. A young couple, appreciating the benefits of first-time home ownership, listened to music in the coziness of their Longmont wee-Cottage,

At Boulder Creek’s Denio West in Longmont, a retiree couple packed their RV for an impromptu trip to grandchildren – uninhibited by concerns about who will shovel the snow in front of their lower-maintenance home. Another Calmante couple taught a volunteer art class before a brisk bike ride to the golf course. An attorney edited his autobiography, breaking only to chart his next motorcycle ride in the Rockies. Empty nesters at Brennan by the Lake in Erie connected online with their neighborhood book club over happy hour. A retired nurse, delighted to finally fit her cookie cutter collection and baking supplies in her spacious kitchen, whipped up molasses cookies for friends and family.

Boulder Creek Neighborhoods, based in Louisville, has been crafting homes in Colorado since 2006. (Photo: Boulder Creek Neighborhoods).

Sinkey said, “We so believe in the concept of lives fully lived that we made up a word for it: ‘Lifefullness®.’ Lifefullness is what we hope every Boulder Creek homeowner finds in their new home.” The commitment to building homes that help people thrive starts with Boulder Creek’s thoughtfully designed floor plans and extends to the lower-maintenance services provided at each neighborhood. These time-saving, lower-maintenance conveniences, crucial to fostering Lifefullness, often include outdoor maintenance chores like lawn mowing and snow removal, and though the details vary by neighborhood, this means the homeowner can be freed from weekends behind a weed whacker in favor of an adventure in the mountains, a day indoors with a good book or time spent with loved ones.

“If you ask our sales teams the number one reason that home shoppers walk in our door, they’d tell you they are looking for a low-maintenance lifestyle,” Sinkey said. “Some are seeking things like main-floor living and lower-maintenance amenities out of necessity, perhaps due to age or physical condition. Some are seeking a lower-maintenance lifestyle so they have more time and resources to go do the things they really want to be doing: hobbies, travel, time with family and friends and so on.”

He continued, “Many of our buyers are also looking for a home that suits their needs now and into the future in a community in which they fit in. We often hear from folks who are looking to downsize from their family home into something that is more ‘right-sized’ for their current needs.”

Since 2006, Boulder Creek has been crafting homes in Colorado, expanding throughout Boulder County and into Denver and beyond and driven by the belief that many people, across all ages, are seeking a life fully lived. “It’s a mission that we were clear on when the company was founded, and one that we carry with us today,” Sinkey said. Currently, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods is “actively selling and building in five neighborhoods with prices ranging from the mid-$300s to over a million,” he said. Several new neighborhoods are planned for later this year.

Lifefullness is what Boulder Creek Neighborhoods hopes every Boulder Creek homeowner finds in their new home. (Photo: Boulder Creek Neighborhoods).

Offering a diverse lineup of homes and neighborhoods, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods builds homes “truly for anyone who is seeking an easier way of life through a lower-maintenance home,” said Sinkey, adding, “A lot of times that is the empty-nester, baby-boomer demographic, but many times it can also be busy professionals, single folks and folks that like to travel. None of our neighborhoods are age-restricted.”

Many neighborhoods by Boulder Creek feature main-floor living in ranch-style homes, ensuring that everything a homeowner needs day to day is on the main floor; thus, the master suite, kitchen, living or great room and laundry can be simply accessed without stairs. Finished lower levels are optional in some Boulder Creek ranch-style neighborhoods, including Lanterns at Rock Creek in Superior, and others include only a crawl space. “This often makes the home a smaller size and also a more affordable price point,” noted Sinkey.

Likewise, Boulder Creek is also known for their distinctive wee-Cottages. Sinkey said, “These are single family homes in a smaller size that just about any new home on the market today.” Ranging from about around 900 to 1,300 square feet, wee-Cottages feature mostly two-story designs. The wee-Cottage neighborhood of Blue Vista quickly sold out, and “although we don’t have any wee-Cottages available in Boulder County currently,” Sinkey said, “we are actively selling at Riverdale Ranch in Thornton and do expect to announce more wee-Cottage neighborhoods later this year.”

“It’s a busy time for Colorado real estate,” Sinkey said. As savvy homebuyers know, the market in Colorado is hot, with homes being snapped up almost as quickly as they are being listed. “We think a new home is an incredible option in today’s fast-paced market,” he said. “Buyers of newly built homes often have options that just don’t exist in the resale world, from the choice of homesite or plan to selecting personalized finished that can really make a house a home.”

Chris Mason community sales manager in Superior. (Photo: Timothy Seibert).

Whether it’s a ranch-style patio home, or a two-story wee-Cottage that might be your path to Lifefullness, Sinkey advises not to wait. “Smart homebuyers are planning now for a move that might be a few months down the road,” he said. “Our sales team’s main role is to listen to what a homebuyer is seeking in a new home and then work to see if a Boulder Creek home is a good fit. So often we offer what homebuyers are looking for, even when they thought a home that fulfilled their lifestyle dreams didn’t exist.”

Those looking for a home that will empower them to thrive in their lifestyle can learn more at ExperienceFreeTime.com.

Sinkey urged home shoppers to contact Boulder Creek’s Online Concierge team as well. “These are folks that are available seven days a week to answer questions and provide information about any one of our Boulder Creek Neighborhoods,” he said. “We know shopping for a new home is a big undertaking, but we think finding a new lifestyle and finally finding ‘Lifefullness’ is worth it.”

The Boulder Creek Neighborhoods’ Online Concierge team can be reached at [email protected] or at 303.309.0088.

By Sarah Huber, for At Home Colorado