After 24 years in a 3,000-plus square foot house in Longmont, Peggy and Greg Warson decided it was time to find a home that fit their season of retirement..

After 24 years in a 3,000-plus square foot house in Longmont, Peggy and Greg Warson decided it was time to find a home that fit their season of retirement.. (Photo: Boulder Creek Neighborhoods).

Final lower maintenance, main-floor homes now available

West Edge floor plans prioritize main-floor living, creating a streamlined, modern home.

West Edge floor plans prioritize main-floor living, creating a streamlined, modern home.
(Photo courtesy: Boulder Creek Neighborhoods).

After 24 years in a 3,000-plus square foot house in Longmont, Peggy and Greg Warson decided it was time to find a home that fit their season of retirement. They took their time, gradually familiarizing themselves with new home communities around Boulder County even as they edited down their belongings by 50 percent.

“We knew what our parents had gone through, so we wanted to get in front of it,” Peggy recalled. They were looking for a main-floor, lower-maintenance home with room for grandchildren sleepovers. They also did their research on builders. “We were very impressed with Boulder Creek,” Greg said. “The homes were quality, and they paid attention to the details.”

After four years of on-and-off searching, the Warsons were on their way to see a house that they thought was what they wanted when their realtor led them first to a home at West Edge in Colliers Hill in Erie by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. “We walked in and saw how well everything was thought through,” Peggy said. “With many of the houses we looked at, because we wanted a smaller footprint, there was hardly anywhere to put your stuff. Here there was plenty of storage, and the finished basement still had a section that was unfinished for things like Christmas decorations. It was like they thought out the design for exactly what we needed.”

They decided on the Belford floor plan at West Edge and, said Peggy with a laugh, “never went on to that other house.” She continued, “We liked that we could age in this house.” The hallways are wide, electrical plugs are raised to minimize bending and light switches are slightly lowered. “So you never have to put yourself in any imposition,” she said. Most importantly, main-floor living ensures easy accessibility. “In our home in Longmont, we had four bedrooms upstairs,” said Peggy. “This home has four bedrooms as well, but now I have a craft/sewing room, and we have room for our granddaughters to visit.” The Belford counts about 1,500 square feet on the main floor, with the finished lower level putting the home at nearly 2,800 total square feet. 

The sizing and design are intentional, said Boulder Creek Neighborhoods’ chief revenue officer Jessica Champlin. She explained, “We like to call it right-sizing instead of downsizing because we believe that the design of the home is truly more important than the overall square feet. Our homes at Colliers Hill are designed with main-floor living in mind – so that life’s daily conveniences are within easy reach, but features like patios, courtyards and finished lower levels mean that spaces can flex to the needs of the homeowner.”

Timing was key for Peggy and Greg. They put their Longmont home on the market and sold quickly last June. “We thought we’d see what happened, and it worked out perfectly,” said Peggy. They spent the summer at an Airbandb a couple blocks from their grandkids in Denver, then closed on their West Edge home in September. “It was a blessing,” said Peggy. “We loved our time with the girls, and we were so excited to move into our new home.”

Floor plans offer three to four bedrooms.

Floor plans offer three to four bedrooms.
(Photo: Boulder Creek Neighborhoods).

Peggy, who said she “isn’t an interior decorator,” appreciates that their West Edge home was finished by Boulder Creek Neighborhood’s team of professional designers. “It’s beautiful,” she said. “Everyone comes in and says, ‘Wow, it’s bigger than I thought it would be.’” The tall ceilings and “carefully thought-out design,” as Greg said, makes for an intuitive, comfortable setting.

The Warsons wanted an efficient home and were pleased to learn that a tankless water heater and high-efficiency appliances are standard at West Edge. After a lifetime in finance with Sun Microsystems, later acquired by Oracle, Greg quickly noticed that the utility bills for their new home were less than expected. “The home feels very tight and solid,” he said. 

“People keep asking us, ‘Why move now?’” noted Peggy. “Part of the answer was how much snow we got last year.” The Warsons were ready “to be done with all that.” Their Longmont home had a large yard, and most Saturdays, Peggy and Greg spent hours mulching, weeding or mowing. At West Edge, Peggy hopes to do some gardening, but she and Greg are happy the front lawn will be cared for by the community lifestyle association. 

Out back, a fenced yard is a favorite hangout for their dog, Tucker, and a bonus for the Warsons, who said a fenced space was uncommon in other lower-maintenance homes they considered. The backyard “gives us room for creativity, but we’re still keeping it simple,” Greg said. They opted for artificial turf behind their home, in part because they enjoy traveling in the summer. “We want to be able to lock and leave,” Peggy remarked.

With lawn care off their list of things to do, the Warsons anticipate getting back into some of their hobbies. Peggy has already connected with a quilt shop in Erie and is looking forward to meeting other crafters. Greg said he is grateful to have time to pick up photography and fly fishing again. 

They are also eager to enjoy the area – and they recently purchased electric bikes to make that more feasible. More than 15 miles of trails connect the community, and play fields are fun places to gather with friends.

Greg added, “Walkability was important to us. We can walk downtown in minutes, get a cup of coffee.” He’s checked out the Colliers Hill community center, The Overlook, and regularly exercises at the Erie Recreation Center, both near their home. “And we have easy access to I-25 to visit our family in Denver,” said Peggy. “We’re able to keep in touch with our friends in Longmont and our church in Boulder. It’s an ideal location.”

Finally, Peggy and Greg credit the Boulder Creek Neighborhoods’ team for making the move so smooth. “They were very responsive,” Peggy said. “They really listened to what we wanted in a home.”

Listening is intrinsic to Boulder Creek’s mission as a lifestyle builder, said Champlin, stating, “The Boulder Creek sales team is focused on understanding the needs of each individual homebuyer. We ask a lot of questions in the hopes of finding the new home that’s right for each family.”

West Edge at Colliers Hill is one of the few lower-maintenance communities with main-floor living in Boulder County. Only five homes are still available. Final homes start at just under $900,000. To learn more, visit or call 303.309.0088.

By Sarah Huber, At Home Colorado