Residents can enjoy a picnic or a game of ball on the Great Lawn at the 12-acre Peninsula Park. (Photo: Barefoot Lakes).

Summer is in full swing in the Barefoot Lakes master-planned community in Firestone. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy Colorado’s perfect weather in a variety of ways. Whether your idea of a perfect summer afternoon is spent paddling across the lake’s blue surface, or hiking among the wild green trails that crisscross the neighborhood, you can live your nature-centric dream at Barefoot Lakes, the haven that nature calls home.

Summer Fun on the Water and on Land
The two lakes that earned this community its name are visual stunners: classic, sparkling blue water rimmed by lush green land. There is no denying their visual appeal, and simply being able to see them has been proven to have a positive effect on mental health. But, at Barefoot Lakes, you can do much more than just admire these beautiful water features: lake activities abound this summer. Residents can take their registered personal watercraft out on the lake’s surface. Not a boat owner yet? You can also rent kayaks and paddleboards from Colorado SUP Sports, which has a rental hub conveniently located in Peninsula Park.

These water sport activities are complemented by a variety of options for exploring the natural world by land. Residents can enjoy a picnic on the Great Lawn at the expansive, 12-acre Peninsula Park, or wander the miles of nature trails weaving in and around the community. If you want to get in a quicker workout, Peninsula Park’s “Fitness Island” with outdoor exercise equipment is the perfect place to break a sweat while the kids play on the nearby playground.

Enjoy kayaks and paddleboards from Colorado SUP Sports, which has a rental hub located in Peninsula Park. (Photo: Muntz Studios / BrookfieldHomes).

One of the most prominent ways that nature shows up in this sanctuary is in the bird life. Close observers will spot large Blue Heron, North American pelican, chickadees, the classic mallard duck and plenty more migratory species. There are also six designated fishing locations so anglers can get familiar with the wildlife under the lake’s surfaces. Each location is equipped with a bait and tackle trash can, as well as detailed signage explaining what kind of fish live in the lakes. The signs will also tell you which species are catch-and-release, and which can be taken home to fry up for dinner.

A Lifestyle That Matches the Pace of Nature
Whether you choose to explore the majesty of Barefoot Lakes by watercraft or by foot, you’ll experience a true lakeside lifestyle at Barefoot Lakes. This waterfront living attitude is the ethos of the community, connecting every functional detail of Barefoot Lakes.

When your day unfolds alongside the energy of the natural world, you are a better version of yourself. When nature is right outside your door, when you can see it blossoming outside of your window, it’s easier to round up the family for an afternoon stroll through the park, or turn off the computer early for an evening paddle across the lake. Once you accept the invitation to live these ideals, it quickly becomes a habit.

Your intentional decision about where to live, combined with the intentional design of the Barefoot Lakes community that makes nature a part of daily life, results in easy, smooth days for you and your loved ones. Just the way it’s supposed to be.

The Cove Lifestyle Center at Barefoot Lakes. (Photo: Barefoot Lakes).

Introducing The Havens at Barefoot Lakes
It doesn’t take any real estate experience to know that the Colorado housing market is intense right now. The process of buying a home can be daunting when you try to balance your budget with the comforts you want for your family — not to mention the stress of the bidding wars that are oh-so-common right now.

But there’s an alternative to the insanity. By buying new in Barefoot Lakes, you get the best of both worlds. You don’t have to worry about repairs or renovations — everything in your home is brand new. Plus, you get to decide what you like, from finishes to paint colors to appliance upgrades, rather than moving into an older home and finding a renovation task list that’s a mile long. Retrofitting someone else’s home design can be a major challenge and often results in a style that you might like more than the original, but not something that you love. At Barefoot Lakes, you get to love your personalized new home.

Building has started at Barefoot Lakes’ newest neighborhood, The Havens. If the name didn’t indicate it to you, this beautiful, secluded community has a private, paradise-like ambiance, tucked away just beyond the enhanced greenbelt behind The Cove Lifestyle Center.

The proximity of The Havens to this lifestyle center is certainly a benefit for residents, as it offers an abundance of amenities including a state-of-the-art gym, a flex room for yoga, Pilates and classes, and a variety of comfortable living spaces with a DIY coffee bar, catering kitchen, TVs, and indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Summer is the perfect time to explore the center’s water-park style pool with beach-style entry, a kids’ play space and competition style lanes for exercise.

But The Cove will not be the only amenity in The Havens neighborhood — far from it. The Havens will also boast two brand new parks, Hideaway Park and Havens Park. New homes are now available for purchase in this first area of The Havens.

Barefoot Lakes home designs celebrate natural splendor

The homebuilders of Barefoot Lakes understand the community’s core values as well as anyone. Each builder’s thoughtful floorplans find unique, stylish ways to celebrate nature.

Brookfield Residential is still building homes from two of its portfolios. The Ovation Portfolio brings the outside in with big windows and big porches, with only a handful of homes left. The Harvest Portfolio has six plans, including some newly-added layouts that are larger and have different exterior options.

Lennar also offers homes from two collections, both of which boast modern design details and spacious, open-concept living areas. The Pioneer collection has four floor plans and the Grand Collection has three floor plans.

Richmond American Homes has six plans and they recently opened a new model home at Barefoot Lakes. CreekStone Homes also has homes available in the community — reach out to the office for pricing information.

Choose your summer lifestyle
Summer invites all of us to return to the natural world. The skies are clear, the temperatures are mild, and the water is calm. Barefoot Lakes offers the opportunity for you to live within nature, not adjacent to it. All you have to do is choose the lifestyle — it’s here waiting for you.

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By Emma Castleberry, At Home Colorado.