Sherman Stringer, Hartford Area Construction Manager, speaks to a group of students from Thompson Career Campus during the Northern Colorado Home Builder’s Association Work-Based Learning Event on May 4th, 2023 in Timnath, Colorado.

TIMNATH – Thirty-six students from Thompson Career Campus in Loveland took part in a work-based learning event hosted by Hartford Homes in Timnath on Thursday.

These students, participants in the Careers in Construction program at TCC sponsored by Northern Colorado Home Builders Association, are enrolled in a pre-apprenticeship certification program designed to prepare them for careers in residential construction. Students in the program earn Department of Labor recognized certificates as well as a 10-hour OSHA workplace safety certification, all while earning their high school diplomas.

The program is designed to be experiential in nature, not just academic. At the work-based learning event, students gained firsthand experience of the construction workplace, participating in hands-on learning activities supervised by industry professionals.

TCC’s construction students, along with 2,400 of their peers statewide, will soon graduate into one of the hottest job markets for construction workers and tradesmen in a generation. With 40% of all electricians approaching retirement age in the next decade, for example, opportunities have never been more abundant for young, industrious workers willing to strap on a tool belt and build the next generation of Colorado homes.

Photos by Natalie Dyer for At Home Colorado