BOULDER – With Colorado’s historic wildfire season, Elevations Credit Union is helping people affected by wildfires by matching donations made to Elevations Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund. The credit union is pleased to announce that through phenomenal community support, they will be matching $100,000.

With the additional $82,000 donated from the community above the $100,000 match, a total of $282,000 will be donated to those displaced in Boulder and Larimer Counties in partnership with two local organizations:

• Community Foundation Serving Boulder County
• United Way of Larimer County

“We are beyond grateful for the generous gift from Elevations Foundation and Elevations Credit Union members to the Larimer County Fire Recovery Fund,” said Deirdre Sullivan, CEO and president of United Way of Larimer County.

“This partnership of business support, individual gifts, and our ability to distribute resources directly to those impacted by the fires, is what makes us a united community and able to recover strong from all that has impacted Larimer County in 2020 and beyond.”

“This fund exemplifies the community at its best. Our members expect us to be engaged but at the end of the day, it’s our members and our communities that are involved,” said Dennis Paul, vice president community affairs for Elevations Credit Union. “On behalf of Elevations Credit Union and the Board of Directors of Elevations Foundation, we are grateful and humbled by the response we have seen for those individuals and families in need.”

Members, businesses and the community all played a significant role in the success of the fund. Elevations Foundation extends a big thank you to the following groups:

• The over 1,000 individual community members who donated.

• Spyder Active Sports for contributing 5 percent of net profits over three days to the fund.

• The Colorado Association of Realtors® and National Association of Realtors® for their support.

• The Boulder Area Realtor® Association (BARA) for its call to action to their members.

• Real Estate offices across the area that donated over $5,000, including RE/MAX Alliance in Boulder matching up to $5,000 in donations from members of The Boulder Area Realtor® Association (BARA).

• Filmmakers Dylan Sindelar and Dillon Cole, who shared the fund link with their constituency when debuting their short film, “Twigs,” which premiered on Halloween in Fort Collins.

• The generous community members who donated were given the opportunity to give feedback about the Wildfire Relief Fund.

Comments included:
“Thanks Elevations Credit Union for doing this thoughtful thing, appreciate it as will the people affected.”
“Thank you for initiating this Wildfire Relief Fund and for matching our donations. This is yet another great thing about Elevations Credit Union, and it’s a pleasure to be a member!  You do good work!”
“Thanks for your care for our community. This is one reason I am such a long-time, happy Elevations customer.”
“Thank you for this fundraising effort for our mountain communities. I own a cabin in Lefthand Canyon, so am especially appreciative.”
“Thank you, Elevations, for all the worthwhile causes you support! Happy to be part of the Elevations organization. Hope this small donation helps.”

To learn more about the Elevations Foundation visit: