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Single family homes continue to fly off the market in Boulder County even as prices increase. Boulder County’s average sales price was $887,232, an increase of 19.7 percent since last year and 9.5 percent since last month. Boulder led the way with an average sales price of $1,382,951 ($456/square foot), an increase of 19.6 percent from a year ago and a 12.9 percent increase from a month ago. Erie provides the best value for buyers with an average $172 per square foot for homes. Longmont’s average sales price increased 22.1 percent since last year, the largest amount of any of the towns surveyed.

Here is the breakdown for the following towns in Boulder County:

Boulder continues to be the most expensive place to live in Boulder County. The average price there increased $157,718 (up 12.9 percent) from a month ago. Seventy-five homes sold in Boulder in December. The current inventory is down 35.8 percent. It continues to be seller’s market in Boulder, and you can expect to see multiple offers for well-priced and well prepared homes.

Houses in Erie are a great value, especially compared to Boulder, with an average cost of $172 per square foot, allowing home owners there to purchase larger homes than their counterparts in Boulder. There are currently only eleven homes for sale in Erie, so if you want to take advantage of the lower cost, you may come up against strong competition!

The price of a single family home in Lafayette declined by $5,152 (down .8 percent) since last month, even with a smaller inventory. However, the average price increased to $654,295 (up 3.5 percent) since last year. Lafayette is the closest to being a buyer’s market in Boulder County.

Longmont continues to be a popular place to live. It’s average price increased to $623,951 (up 22.1 percent) since last year and up 9.6 percent since last month. It is difficult to buy a home in Longmont with multiple offers more common than not. With an increase of almost 20 percent in the average price per square foot since last year, Longmont is a great place to invest in housing.

A single family home in Louisville increased an average of 16 percent since last year and 14 percent since last month to an average sales price of $849,063, even though the average price per square foot stayed steady at $305. With low inventory Louisville is certain to see multiple offers just like all the other homes for sale in Boulder County.

Boulder County continues to be a great place to invest in your future by buying a home here. However, you can rest assured you will be competing with other buyers who not only want to live here but also get an impressive return on investment.

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