BOULDER COUNTY – The fact that things are changing in the real estate industry is as obvious as it is impactful to everyone involved. Agents, brokers, lenders, companies big or small, title companies and national and local industry organizations are all making adjustments to the new realities driven by technology, changing regulations, new consumer preferences, and yes, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local Realtor® associations all across the country have been trying to determine best course of action to stay up-to-date and to continue to add meaningful value to the Realtor® experience for association members. Increasing the size and reach of local associations has become increasingly common.

Germinating from an invitation to consider joining forces by Jay Kalinski, immediate past chair of the Boulder Area Realtor® Association (BARA), the Longmont Association of Realtors® (LAR) and BARA put together a merger plan to create a more effective, more efficient and more relevant support organization for Realtor® members today, the next 5 to 10 years and beyond.

“We believe we have put together a very powerful merger plan, one that will enable the new organization to provide more services and more real value to members than ever before. And we also believe others will join us as we show the way,” said Kurt Finley, the first chair of the new organization.

Members of both associations overwhelmingly voted to accept the proposed merger plan in March of this year. “Now the real hard work begins as we bring these two organizations together, said Brett Sawyer, the group’s new chair-elect. “And we’re going to figure out a bold new name.”

Meanwhile, the new organization has already begun to offer continuing education classes and industry news and event information to members from each of the founding organizations. Offices and staff will be maintained in both Boulder and Longmont. The initial board of directors will include Kurt Finley (LAR), Brett Sawyer (BARA), Jay Kalinski (BARA) along with Terry Lee (LAR), Siân Murphy (BARA), Sarah Hansard (LAR), Scott Sammons (BARA), Cher Smith (LAR), Lisa Wade (BARA) and Cecilia de Villiers (LAR).

Questions regarding the new organization may be directed to any of the members of the board of directors or to Veronica Precella at 303.442.3585 in Boulder or Amy Aschenbrenner 303.772.5555 in Longmont.