Suzanne Plewes, RE/MAX Alliance

Suzanne Plewes, RE/MAX Alliance

LOVELAND – Before putting your home on the market, make sure that it is ready for scrutiny from home buyers. Sometimes a seemingly minor item can give buyers a negative impression of your home. Here are a few items to include on your list.

Plumbing check
Buyers can get scared off if they suspect a home has plumbing issues. There are a few simple things that you can check. First, look underneath your sinks for any plumbing leaks. You may be surprised at how many buyers will turn on the faucet and peek under there! Also check your drains and clear any clogs. Don’t forget the shower head. Buyers often check for pressure and that the shower head works.

Lighting check
Lighting is another important aspect of your home to check before listing. Make sure all of your light fixtures have bulbs and that they are working properly. Good lighting will also help your home appear larger and brighter during showings.

Safety check
With the number of visitors that may be entering your home, it is important to keep safety in mind. All stairways should have well-secured hand railings. Illuminate dark areas and remove any tripping hazards. Also, move furnishings that people may bump into or that may fall onto visitors.

Repair obvious damages
When home buyers see damage to a home, they get the impression that the home has been neglected for a long period of time and that there may be larger, less obvious issues present. This impression leads to lower offers or lack of interest from home buyers. Therefore, it is better to address any needed repairs before listing your home for sale.

Get professional advice before you list
Sometimes when it comes to your own home, you may not notice certain things that an outsider immediately does. The acute eye of a professional can also be helpful in positioning your home for sale.

Suzanne Plewes is a Broker Associate at RE/MAX Alliance in Loveland. For real estate questions write to 750 W. Eisenhower Blvd., Loveland, CO 80537, call 970.290.0373 or e-mail [email protected].