Bill Myers

Bill Myers

As urbanization continues encroaching on our daily lives, more individuals seek refuge in rural areas. According to a recent report by Business Insider, numerous city dwellers, particularly those from bustling metropolises such as Denver and Colorado Springs, consider small towns and rural communities the perfect retirement havens. One prime example of this trend is Larimer County, CO. With its picturesque landscapes, charming atmosphere, and tight-knit community, it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to escape the chaos of the city and settle down in more tranquil surroundings.

Nature’s bounty and outdoor recreation 

Larimer County, tucked away from the pressures of big cities, offers abundant green space. The breathtaking rural landscape beckons those who thirst for outdoor recreation. With fewer people around, one can truly enjoy the great outdoors in peace. And let’s not forget the fresh air, a welcome respite from the air pollution that plagues many urban areas.

Lifestyle and recreation in Larimer County’s gems

Dotted within Larimer County are picturesque towns and attractions that epitomize Colorado’s beauty and charm. Berthoud, known as the “Garden Spot of Colorado,” is a haven for nature enthusiasts, marked by its lush parks and tree-lined streets. Loveland, the “Sweetheart City,” isn’t just famous for its Valentine’s remailing program and an arts hub with numerous sculpture parks and galleries. Carter Lake is a beloved spot for boating, fishing, and camping, offering breathtaking mountain views reflected in its clear waters—Masonville beckons with rustic charm, ideal for those looking to escape the modern hustle. Wellington’s growth has been fueled by its mix of small-town charm and proximity to bigger cities, making it an emerging favorite for families. Cache la Poudre River, Colorado’s only nationally designated “Wild & Scenic” river, offers unmatched white-water rafting and fishing experiences. Estes Park, the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, is a mountain resort renowned for its wildlife spotting and hiking trails. Lastly, Drake, nestled in the canyon, provides an intimate connection with nature, as the vast beauty of the Rockies surrounds it. These locations offer a mosaic of rural America’s best, from recreation to relaxation.

Economic sense: Affordability

Rural living, particularly in areas like Larimer County, comes with a lower cost of living. Affordable housing is more accessible here than in the city center or suburban area. As real estate prices soar in urban locations, rural houses in smaller cities and towns offer excellent value. The median price of properties here is often much lower than their urban counterparts.

A community like no other

In a world where mental health is increasingly a concern, the sense of community in small towns can be a balm to the soul. The smaller population means tighter-knit community bonds. Residents know each other; small schools often represent smaller class sizes and more individual attention. Social pressures rampant in big-city life may not weigh as heavily in a small-town setting. Rural schools, with their school management system often more focused on community involvement, can also offer a supportive environment for kids.

Peace, less stress 

One of the great things about rural living is the slower pace of life. With less traffic and less stress, many find their quality of life significantly improved. The serenity of the rural setting, combined with cleaner air and less light pollution, can work wonders for public health and mental well-being.

Preserving heritage, embracing the new

The main streets of Larimer County echo the rich history of rural America. However, the region is not just about protecting the past. There’s ongoing economic development, with many small businesses thriving and local governments playing an active role in community welfare.

Modern amenities, traditional charm

While some might fear that rural locations might mean limited resources, Larimer County dispels such myths. There’s broadband internet for those who seek a remote location but can’t do without internet access. Moreover, while you’re far from the social pressures and air pollution of urban living, you’re near modern amenities. If needed, a trip to the city doesn’t involve traveling long distances.

Culinary delights

With easy access to fresh produce, many rural residents choose to cook their meals, a boon for those who value nutrition. There’s something deeply satisfying about eating food grown on your property or purchased directly from local farmers.

Why Larimer County is a great choice

For those accustomed to suburban or city life, the idea of country life might seem too far. However, the benefits are numerous. From the chance to own land in rural towns to the opportunity to be a part of a close-knit community, the rural lifestyle has its unique charm.

As more people, especially from larger urban communities, consider the shift, places like Larimer County in North Carolina become a beacon. As the Business Above Insider article points out, smaller communities are often safer, with less crime than their larger counterparts.

In conclusion, while the great outdoors, clean air, and sense of community are undeniable attractions, the benefits of rural living extend far beyond. From economic advantages to better public health and well-being, the rural environment has much to offer. For retirees or even young professionals seeking a life away from the daily grind, Larimer County and similar regions are a great option and perhaps the best choice.

By Bill Myers. Bill is a Colorado native living in Berthoud who has been a successful real estate agent for more than 45 years as a seller -buyer agent and consultant. You can contact Bill at 970.599.0011 or learn more through his website at