Duane Duggan

Duane Duggan, Realtor and Author RE/MAX of Boulder

Boulder County – Over the years we’ve learned a considerable amount about the impact of septic systems. There is clear evidence that aging, unapproved septic systems have been leaking into our water system. As a result, Boulder County implemented SepticSmart Regulations on September 1, 2008 in order to protect our health and environment.  

Here are six important facts every home buyer of a house with a septic system should know:

SepticSmart requires that a septic system be permitted, approved, and inspected before the sale of a home. Either the existing owner or the buyer will need to make any repairs that are required to bring the system to compliance.

The status of the home’s septic system is as important as that of the roof, foundation, or electrical system. The condition of the septic system will be determined during the certified inspection.

You can check the approval/permit status of a home’s septic system by going to bouldercounty.org/environment/water/septicsmart/check-septic-records. 

If you plan to remodel, add square footage or bedrooms to a home, you need to check to see if the septic system is able to meet the requirements for your new addition.

Be sure to have a written agreement between buyer and seller as to any repairs that need to be done, who will pay, and in what timeframe is required for the work to be done.

Upon placing a home with a septic system on the market, many sellers will obtain the SepticSmart inspection and certificate.  Be sure to ask for a copy and check to make sure the certificate hasn’t expired.

Once you own the home with a septic system, you will basically be running a mini-wastewater treatment plant. It becomes your responsibility to maintain the system properly by having the system pumped and checked on a regular basis.  You can go to Boulder County’s website, septicsmart.org, to find tips on how to maintain your system. 

By Duane Duggan. Duane graduated with a business degree and a major in real estate from the University of Colorado in 1978. He has been a Realtor® in Boulder since that time. He joined RE/MAX of Boulder in 1982 and has facilitated over 2,500 transactions over his career, the vast majority from repeat and referred clients. He has been awarded two of the highest honors bestowed by  RE/MAX International: The Lifetime Achievement Award and the Circle of Legends Award. Living the life of a Realtor and being immersed in real estate led to the inception of his book, Realtor for Life. For questions, e-mail [email protected], call 303.441.5611 or visit boulderco.com.