Anyone who has bought or sold a home knows what it’s like to cross your fingers and hold your breath during that necessary home inspection. You don’t want bad news, but you need to know there’s no guesswork on the part of the inspector and that they are going to tell you the plain truth about the condition of your home.

Enter Flatirons Home Inspections, LLC. Owner/Operator Rick Jacquemard started his business exactly four years ago after 14 years in the construction industry. “With my background in construction, I don’t miss things,” he says. “I work with Realtors on every inspection. My job is to accurately explain the condition of the house and what can be done to ensure it’s in shape to sell. It’s an interesting business, and I enjoy getting to assist in the sale of a home.”

It was a winding road to the home inspection business. Jacquemard studied computer engineering in college and graduated just in time to see the dot-com bubble burst. He couldn’t find a job in the industry. However, he’d previously worked in construction and instead started his “Jacque of all Trades” remodeling/handyman business, which kept him busy for 12 years. He also owned Parity Solar for two years, which has given him an edge in his knowledge of solar photovoltaic systems as a home inspector.

Jacquemard follows National Society of Home Inspectors guidelines to find problems large or small and flag those that require immediate attention. His website lists everything included in an inspection, but suffice to say the list is long. From site grounds and grading to the attic and everything in between, Flatirons Home Inspections promises to do a deep dive in the details and give you an accurate report. The company also offers radon testing and pest inspections.

According to Jacquemard, the most common problem areas in a house often depend on its age. For example, GFCI electrical outlets were mostly unheard of before the 1960s and now they’re required when near water. Similarly, codes have changed over the years with regard to furnaces.

In a given week, Flatirons Home Inspections will complete four or five inspections. They’re all-day affairs. After the inspection, Rick writes his report and sends it directly to the client. Prices vary depending on the size of the home. Radon testing incurs an additional charge. “Piece of Mind, Every Time” is the company slogan: No shortcuts, no nonsense. Go online to to see everything an inspection covers, pricing and to schedule your home inspection or call 720.280.3544.

By Darren Thornberry, At Home