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Home to the Colorado State University (CSU), Fort Collins has got all the trappings of an American college town. Walking down its streets, one cannot help but notice the city’s young, hip, and vibrant populace. Events and festivities meant to keep its residents entertained run the gamut and are spread throughout the year, thus there is never a shortage of fun things to do. And, of course, it being a college town means prices of commodities and services are well within one’s budget since students are primarily catered to before any other demographics.

If you are currently on the hunt for a new place to settle in, these college town perks and privileges offered by a place like Fort Collins should be enough to convince you to pack your bags and come to the city. But, if you are still more of a skeptic, here are further points for you to consider:

Booming real estate.
According to, Fort Collins scores 8.7 out of a perfect 10 in terms of its real estate market’s health. This means that there is no better time than now for you to invest in a Fort Collins property. Although they currently remain affordable compared to properties sold in other cities, the value of real estate in Fort Collins are projected to skyrocket in the coming years. Aside from, this prognosis is also supported by trusted economic think tanks such as Wallet Hub and Best Places.

A health buff’s haven.
Fort Collins has everything a health aficionado could ever ask of its neighborhood. Bike and jog lanes are strategically stationed in safe spaces within the city. On its outskirts, an awe-inspiring natural landscape beckons adventure-seekers looking to rough it up in the wild—for the record, the soothing Poudre River runs through the Fort Collins area. Here, it’s quite easy to maintain your active lifestyle. Or, if you happen to be a couch potato, the city with its natural wonders and active vibe could very well be that one place that’ll inspire you to finally get off the couch and pump up the adrenaline supply of your body.

A beer connoisseur’s paradise.
Just because Fort Collins’ residents are known for their active lifestyle does not mean they do not know how to let loose and get tipsy. If the fact that the city’s most popular homegrown product is the beer brand Budweiser says something, it has to be this: Fort Collins knows how to do and drink beer.

Affordable quality education.
In a highly capitalist market, affordability and quality do not always go together, especially if we are talking about education. Throughout the United States, it has become a more and more accepted fact that in order to receive good education, one must spend an arm and a leg. In Fort Collins, this is not entirely the case. The city prides itself on its promise of academic excellence without putting you in a prison of student loans.

Career growth.
Whether you are looking to improve your current career track, shift to a different career path, or totally overhaul your own notion of what a career entails and venture into a startup, Fort Collins could very well be that place to cater to your set goals and vision. Value Penguin ranks Fort Collins 2nd in the “Best Cities for Small Businesses” (2017) and this accolade alone speaks of the city’s rich prospects for professionals and dreamers alike.

Yes, Fort Collins is a college town. But that’s barely scratching the surface. There is so much more to know about Fort Collins and a good place to start is this infographic from Fort Collins Accident Lawyer : “5 Reasons Why You Should Move to Fort Collins.”