The team at Equity Colorado Northern Front Range

The team at Equity Colorado Northern Front Range. (Photo: Jonathan Castner).

Equity Colorado Northern Front Range office in Longmont

Equity Colorado Northern Front Range office in Longmont

From its founding in 2000, Equity Real Estate and Equity Colorado, founded in 2010, have focused on change, wherever it was needed. Their basic beliefs were to be fair to its agents in fees and resources. First of its kind, they abolished the concept of large splits, or portions of the agents commission paid to the brokerage, and instead established a low flat fee for each transaction.

The Northern Front range branch in Longmont at 710 Kimbark embodies that fairness. One of four office in Colorado including Denver, Colorado Springs and Frisco, the 100+ agents in Longmont enjoy abundant resources and training, with the latest addition of kvCore,, all included in that $59 monthly fee. Over the years, the company has adapted gracefully to changes in the real estate market and changes in the greater economy while staying true to its mission: offering their real estate agents the highest levels of autonomy and earnings potential in the industry.

According to Nancy Umbreit, Equity’s managing broker and owner, the brokerage’s founders envisioned a company that would give realtors “the majority of their commission” without obligating them to pay for bells and whistles they didn’t necessarily need or want. That means agents are not stuck paying for space in a large brick and mortar office they rarely step inside of, expensive software they don’t need or want, or pricey marketing campaigns that may not be necessary.

Umbreit says agents pay Equity Colorado a monthly fee of $59, which represents a small fraction of what they’d pay to a competitor. This gives them access to office space in downtown Longmont, which includes on-demand access to private conference rooms, as well as a computer, printers, scanners and office supplies. Realtors can also access continuing education opportunities at the office space, says Umbreit.

Meanwhile, agents have access to all of the education and marketing resources they want— but they aren’t committed to paying for those extras if they aren’t interested. “One of my agents advertises in the Daily Camera every weekend,” says Umbreit. “But those who don’t want to invest in advertising might have access to a lifestyle they couldn’t afford otherwise.”

The support Equity Colorado offers its team isn’t just financial, though. One of the greatest perks is access to Umbreit herself, who prides herself on supporting each and every one of the 106 brokers who make up her team. That means answering the phone to talk through questions big and small, daily from eight in the morning until seven in the evening. And if issues arise after hours, realtors don’t have to wait until the next morning. “After 7 p.m. they can send me texts and emails.”

While her contracts are Umbreit’s favorite area to troubleshoot, over her 30 year career, she’s seen it all, is more than willing to assist with anything her realtors throw at her, generally within ten to twenty minutes of receiving a message.

Mentoring is provided for all agents with less than 2 years of Real Estate experience, the agents are taught contracts and common practices. Umbreit says “real estate schools teach 1% of an agent’s job. We must strive to teach them the other 99%”!

Umbreit’s commitment to her realtors’ success is a huge selling point for the brokerage. Chris Freeman has been a realtor for nearly two decades. When the desire to be in a local office representing Longmont led her to switch brokerages about a year ago, Equity Colorado felt like a natural choice. “There were many very well respected agents I had worked with over the years that had gone to join the office and were so happy they had made the move.” Having followed her colleagues to Equity Colorado, she’s found she enjoys the “personal touch to doing business” that she couldn’t find elsewhere. “I love the office and the warm feeling of support whenever you need help or advice. Help and support is always there,” says Freeman, adding that the brokerage “Feels like a family. [Umbreit] is warm, caring and always available for all of her agents.

Teresa Lomax agrees, Equity Colorado was the right move for her. With seven years of experience as a realtor, she joined the brokerage in July 2022 for both the independence and the support it offers agents. “I liked the fact that this is a brokerage that provides perspective, tools, and wisdom, yet allows you to build your real estate business in your own way.”

Lomax says, “I love the fact that Equity is there to help give me advice and guidance when I’m in the proverbial ‘tall grass,’ but I am free to build my real estate business the way I want. And even though there is great support, that independence is there for me and my business partner to build our business we have dreamed of.”

Lomax describes Umbreit, who she describes as “passionate and wise” as a significant factor in her decision to join Equity Colorado. “She is committed to both Equity Colorado as well as all of us who work at the brokerage,” she says. “One of the biggest factors in my decision to move to Equity Colorado was Nancy.” Knowing Umbreit has not only a wealth of experience but also the desire to share her knowledge was a huge selling point. “Real estate transactions may all have the same contract, but absolutely every deal is unique. It’s vital to know that the person sitting in the managing broker chair has experience and perspective. When we as Realtors® come across something in a transaction that we have never seen, or we just need to talk through a scenario, Nancy is there for us.”

While the company has grown over the years, says Umbreit, one thing that hasn’t changed is their commitment to fairness. “The people all the way up the ladder have stayed talented and loyal to our basic concept — to be fair and just to everyone, especially our agents and our clients.”

Contact Equity Colorado
To learn more about working with Equity Colorado in buying or selling your home or to join their team, call Nancy Umbreit at 303.579.0970, or visit the office at 710 Kimbark Street in Longmont. You may also e-mail [email protected].

By Pam Moore, At Home Colorado