Karen Libin, KL Realty

Karen Libin, KL Realty

Due to the current pandemic, what seems of value right now is space. Suddenly the idea of living on more land, from a few acres to a few hundred, feels more safe and comfortable. Boulder county rural living offers this and so much more.

Peace and quiet
Everybody living in our local towns has noticed how nice it is to have such quiet without the normal sounds of so much traffic and congestion. Suddenly birds, the wind and rain can be heard. It’s always this way in the country, always peaceful and serene.

Fresh (and safe) air
Besides the quiet, city people have also noticed how much fresher the air now seems. Again, this is standard fare in the country. And of course this sweet smelling, healthy air is germ-free.

Since sheltering at home, many city people have discovered they do not like being so close to their neighbors, be they lovely people or not so lovely people. In the country you can enjoy your neighbors from afar.

Favorable work environment
Even after this pandemic, there will most likely be a shift of more people working part-time or full-time from home. The quiet and serenity of the country provides an excellent work-from-home environment, especially for those who are most productive without surrounding chaos.

Positive environment
Country-raised children can benefit from having consistent outdoor activities. Besides being involved these kids are less likely to experience negative peer pressure, especially if they participate in activities such as horses or 4-H projects.

Gardening and farm animals
Rural living allows you to grow the organic vegetable gardens and/or fruit orchards of your dreams, and live farm-to-table all growing season long with super fresh and nutritious produce. Many people also can their harvest and eat it all winter long. Chickens are fun to have and provide a constant supply of farm fresh eggs. Some people enjoy having goats and making their own cheese.

Secluded recreation & exercise
Having acreage allows you to recreate on your own property, whether it is horse riding, a mountain bike course, a few par-three golf holes, fly-fishing, a tennis court, a volleyball court or cross-country skiing. There’s no need to go to gyms filled with strangers (and their germs) for exercise.

Space for hobbies
Outbuildings and space allow you to putter about with any hobbies such as car/bike restoration, woodworking, painting, pottery or other artistic pursuits.

Room to entertain
With so much space around, there’s always room to safely entertain outdoors even during a pandemic.

Helpful & healthy
In the country, people exchange and sell goods such as eggs, honey, produce and meat, providing each other with fresh and healthy foods. Locally grown hay is also available for horses and cattle. In general, country people help each other out and there is a spirit of camaraderie.

Connection to nature
A calming part of country living is being part of the natural rhythms of nature that one just doesn’t perceive in the same way in the city. In the country, you experience the seasons more, see them, hear them and feel the changes.

Serene state
There’s a peace of mind one gets from country living when away from the crowded stress of city living. This leads to a serene state of being, a calmer and more content state of being.

Comfort in owning land
There is a certain joy and peace of mind that comes with owning your own land, especially when the world seems chaotic and uncertain.

By Karen Libin, Karen is the owner and managing broker of KL Realty, and has more than 29 years of experience in the Boulder County real estate market. Contact Karen at KL Realty, call 303.444.3177, e-mail [email protected] or visit klrealty.net.