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Housing trends focus on “integrating technology and creating healthy and connected living environments.

Carolyn Bleicher, RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor

Carolyn Bleicher, RE/MAX of Boulder Realtor

Our homes reflect the times we live in, and design trends emerging in 2018 continue that tradition. Housing trends focus on “integrating technology and creating healthy and connected living environments,” home and garden design book author Barbara Ballinger reported recently in Realtor Magazine. Home design trends also empower multi-generational households with “features that provide an extra pair of hands or calming influence.”

Here are some trends to watch out for in 2018.

Integrating technology
With all of the technology in our homes, apps will become the preferred method to perform day-to-day tasks such as opening blinds and operating sprinkler systems. The number of devices that can be controlled via Google Assistant/Home and Alexa is growing exponentially and includes new controls for locks, TVs, appliances, thermostats, plugs, switches and audio speakers. Home security systems are adapting to include video doorbells, cameras and sensors that can be installed by the homeowner and monitored via a mobile app.

These home automation systems may not speak the same language, nor do they always work together harmoniously. “Even plugs and chargers aren’t necessarily universal for different appliances and phones,” says Lisa Cini, senior living designer and author of “The Future is Here: Senior Living Reimagined” (iUniverse, 2016). Also, with more devices competing for airtime, Wi-Fi systems may not be strong enough to operate throughout a home. You may need a mesh Wi-Fi system, which can eliminate the many dead spots within the house. A skilled technician may be needed to make technology recommendations and install what’s needed to make all the devices work together.

Kitchens emphasizing healthy eating
The health-focused kitchens of 2018 will be all about fresh, healthy foods. Pantries will expand to store fresh ingredients and reduce the need for oversized freezers. Container gardening is moving inside. Ballinger reports that the popularity of compact growing kits (with grow lights and self-watering features) is on the rise, as well as steam ovens that maintain food nutrients. Comfort is also a focus with options ranging from variable height kitchen counters to cork flooring.

Black is in
Black is marching into home design as a strong, neutral accent color (typically in matte or satin). Watch for black in the latest appliances, lighting, hardware and metal finishes, window trim and cabinets. Ballinger suggests black accents may be a good choice for home sellers or remodelers looking to give their homes a more modern feel.

Battery backup systems
Battery backup systems that integrate into a home’s electrical system would automatically take control during a power outage. Even in Boulder’s worst storms you’d be able to recharge your smartphone and save refrigerated foods without the noise and bother of a generator. Your solar panels could kick in potentially assisted by devices like Tesla’s new Powerwall. It leverages years of car battery tech to power your home in case of a power failure or after the sun sets.

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By Carolyn Bleicher, RE/MAX of Boulder. Carolyn  is a Realtor at RE/MAX of Boulder and has been a RE/MAX agent since 2003. She has extensive knowledge of each of the communities within Boulder County. She’s also a Colorado transplant having spent years in the Chicago area and Louisville, Kentucky. Contact Carolyn at 303.219.1771, [email protected] or visit