milehimodern Co-Owners Carla Thompson and Carmelo Paglialunga with Managing Broker Jennifer Fly.

Colorado’s premier luxury real estate brokerage, milehimodern (mhm), recently opened its first brick-and-mortar location in Boulder at 2015 Pearl Street. The brokerage has been operating in Boulder since its inception in 2019, but with this new office space there is an opportunity to further showcase the artistry and cutting-edge marketing that milehimodern is known for, while providing a physical space where brokers and clients can come together.

Founded in 2019 by Co-Owners Carla Thompson and Carmelo Paglialunga, the luxury brokerage recently celebrated its third year in business — two-thirds of which were met with the distinct challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, in just three years, milehimodern has gained accolades as a top 10 brokerage in Colorado as well as a top 500 brokerage in the nation. Additionally, the firm has grown to over 150 brokers and has totaled $1.6B in sales in the past 12 months. These accomplishments speak volumes about the value of milehimodern’s artistic outlook and the trust granted to the firm by its surrounding communities.

“We are delighted to strengthen the milehimodern brand in the Boulder community,” says Carmelo Paglialunga, co-owner of milehimodern. “Our new office location allows us to continue to elevate the established brokers and the brand presence that has already taken hold in Boulder County.”

“milehimodern offers a fresh, cutting-edge approach to real estate”, says Jennifer Fly, managing broker of mhm Boulder. “We provide the highest level of representation for our clients and a phenomenal support system and growth platform for our brokers. Our growing team of experienced and well-respected brokers is thrilled to finally have a new home in Boulder.”

In addition to a coveted and central location on Pearl Street, mhm Boulder is a space that is exemplary of the brand’s vision. Those who enter the building are immediately met with contemporary design elements — such as linear form and negative space — that seamlessly merge with the organic movement of concrete, natural light and an abundance of plant life. Glass partition walls allow each space to feel collaborative and connected while still affording privacy for guests and clients. The space nods to its former use as a jeweler’s workshop and boutique by repurposing a vault into an office nook for mhm lending, Colorado’s premier lending partner.

The art, showcased by esteemed artist and friend of the firm, Michael Dowling, speaks to milehimodern’s mission to dig deeper into the context and stories of Colorado’s homes. The artist’s relationship with milehimodern spans nearly the entirety of the company’s lifetime, as evidenced by the presence of original Dowling pieces in mhm’s LoHi Denver gallery space and his feature in mhmraw, the company’s own print publication.

Artistic storytelling, cutting-edge marketing and a community-centric approach are just a few reasons why milehimodern brokers are continually sought after for guidance in this rapidly performing market. “At milehimodern, we believe in performing at the highest level,” says Carla Thompson, co-owner of milehimodern. “We are focused on innovation, and we often say, ‘When others go right, we go left.’ We are raising the game in real estate.”

The nuances of Colorado’s real estate market — especially within the past three years — challenge the area’s brokers to think outside the box when it comes to savvy negotiations and beautifully marketing a home for sale. By capturing the beauty of homes and bringing a human approach to the transaction, the brokerage continually transforms what it means to buy and sell properties.

milehimodern focuses on the artistry of living and believes that every home has a soul-filled story to tell. Striving to build connection first, mhm brings the story of home to light by discovering the artistic sizzle, the iconic value, the extraordinary architecture or simply the narrative of a beautiful life lived in each property that the brokerage represents. mhm brings an artful experience to real estate, energizing one soul at a time.

To learn more about milehimodern, visit 2015 Pearl Street in Boulder, call 303.876.1073 or online at

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