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Accumulating equity is one benefit of homeownership. But offer amounts to homeowners seeking home equity loans vary significantly across the nation’s 50 states. The national average is $83,872. Within that average is a huge range from state to state and Colorado sits on the top of that scale.

Colorado homeowners receive an average home equity loan offer of nearly $130,000, which is the largest home equity loan offer in the U.S., according to analysis by LendingTree, an online loan marketplace.

Hawaii and Connecticut homeowners are offered the next largest average home equity loans. Hawaii homeowners are approved for an average of $119,172, followed by $112,721 in Connecticut. Iowa marks the lowest homes equity offers of less than $31,000.

With the dramatic rise nationwide in property values over the recent years — most notably since the start of the pandemic — Americans cumulatively have a record-breaking $27.8 trillion in home equity. That equals about $333,000 worth for each owner-occupied housing unit across the nation. Most homeowners haven’t yet accumulated that amount of value in their properties, but with the rise in prices each year, home equity has grown more quickly than in the past.

Though rising home prices are showing signs of slowing, many homeowners are tapping into the record amount of home equity that rising prices have added to their homes. LendingTree points to numerous benefits of building equity, including the option of using the equity for home renovations, paying off higher-cost debts, or profiting more on the sale of the home.

Interest rates offered on home equity loans also vary by state, ranging from 8.47% in Alaska to 4.55% in Maryland.

The table below shows where homeowners are offered the largest home equity loans, as reported by LendingTree.

If you are exploring a home equity loan on your home, consider the following tips.

  • Shop around for a lender to find the lowest possible rate on their home equity loan.
  • Consider which type of loan better suits your needs: a standard home equity loan which provides a lump sum of cash or a revolving line of credit.
  • Do not add a home equity loan if you are currently having trouble paying all of your current debts or if your income fluctuates.

The statistics are based on LendingTree’s analysis of more than 350,000 home equity loan offers to the online users of the LendingTree shopping platform from Jan. 1 through July 20, 2022. The data showed an average home equity loan offer of $50,000 or higher in all but one of the nation’s 50 states.

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