The Bodner Team, OneTrust Home Loans with The Rueth Team

The Bodner Team – Gabe Bodner, Tamara Bodner, Nick Walford. (Photo courtesy: Gabe Bodner).

Gabe Bodner, Gabe Bodner of The Bodner Team

Gabe Bodner

BOULDER – The Bodner Team, in partnership with The Rueth Team, a Denver mortgage loan originator led by senior vice president Nicole Rueth, has announced its move to OneTrust Home Loans to further expand its offering by providing more loan products, services and access to clients beyond traditional financing than ever before.

“I am motivated and enthusiastic about the transition to OneTrust Home Loans,” said Gabe Bodner. “I remain committed to providing alternative solutions for older homeowners to utilize their real estate as a financial tool to support their golden years. This new partnership with OneTrust Home Loans offers more loan products and services to create even more opportunities for our present and future clients.”

Bodner focuses on education for Realtors, financial advisors, consumers and clients on reverse mortgages. He wants everyone “to live their best life in retirement” which many can achieve with a reverse mortgage loan. Bodner specializes in helping seniors evaluate their income and cash flow years. “Retirement in our country is broken and my goal is to help change the way retirement is done.”

“I could not be more excited about The Rueth Team’s new partnership with OneTrust Home Loans. Our team has grown tremendously over the past decade, and this next chapter has come at the perfect time for our next phase of expansion,” said Rueth. “As we make this future-forward move, we remain committed to empowering and educating people to build wealth through real estate and manage their long-term goals, which weaves greater opportunity for our retirement mortgage sphere led by the fantastic Gabe Bodner with The Bodner Team. We look forward to where we are headed and the strategies we can provide to clients, agents and partners with OneTrust Home Loans.”

As a mortgage professional of over 20 years, Gabe Bodner with The Bodner Team has experienced all aspects of the mortgage lending industry as a mortgage banker, broker, sales manager, branch manager and branch owner of a very successful net branch in Silicon Valley, CA. His network of past clientele includes first time buyers, investors, flippers, developers and more. Gabe’s specialty is serving seniors. As a reverse mortgage planner, Gabe helps seniors evaluate their income and cash flow needs in retirement. Gabe explains that by including home equity into one’s retirement planning strategy, his clients will not only improve cash flow, but they can also pay less in taxes and leave a larger legacy for their heirs. Gabe’s expansive experience is what led to The Rueth Team’s acquisition in early 2021 and is why the transition to OneTrust Home Loans is the next step for continued success.

For more information on the new partnership, contact Gabe at The Bodner Team at 720.600.4870 or visit