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We are in real estate’s busiest season of the year, so it’s a great time to evaluate and improve your home if you’re thinking about listing. Not looking to make big changes at the moment? A few simple spring cleaning projects have the potential to boost your home’s curb appeal and set the stage for walkthroughs. Here, I share our top spring cleaning ideas to get your property ready to list:

Invest in a professional window cleaning
Natural light is a highly desirable feature that most buyers are drawn to. If your home is equipped with large windows or skylights, be sure to show them off by polishing them to perfection. Removing lingering dust or debris buildup from windows or skylights is a must when you’re selling in our competitive market. Not feeling up to the task of detailing the windows? Invest in professional cleaning to get the interior and exterior of the windows shiny again.

Change the air filters
Although changing the air filters is a quick fix, many homeowners forget to stay on top of this crucial maintenance. If you’ve been noticing unusual dust buildup, take a look at the filters to see if they’re in need of a change. When it’s time for walkthroughs, the last thing buyers want to see is a clogged air vent. It’s important to show that your home has been well-maintained, and this simple task is an easy box to check off your spring cleaning checklist. We love a better view based here, in Boulder.

Plant new foliage
If your property’s landscaping is looking a bit drab after the grueling winter months, use spring as an opportunity to liven things up again. Consider planting inviting foliage that’s not too personalized and is clean and modern, as buyers will likely want to make their own mark once they’re the new owners. Once you’ve tended to unruly garden invaders such as weeds or thistles, start anew with low-maintenance junipers or blue spirea. Better yet, hire a true professional to do the job. We love Ranson Beegle’s company, evoke landscaping.

Powerwash walkways and siding
We’ve all heard that curb appeal is essential when you’re aiming to get your home sold as quickly as possible. Even if your house has a fresh coat of paint or the stonework is immaculate, dirty walkways and driveways will mar its appearance. If you have a pressure washer, spring is an excellent time of year to wash away the stains that concrete may have picked up throughout the years. Many companies specialize in power washing walkways and driveways, so reach out to the professionals if you’d like your property to look good as new. The window cleaners can do this upon request.

Spring is an exciting time of year that’s full of promise. If you’re looking forward to listing your home, call me and let’s set up a time. Even in the luxury market, a few small changes can make a big difference to buyers and browsers.

By Jennifer Egbert. Jennifer is the founding Realtor of the Boulder branch of milehimodern. She specializes in Luxury neighborhoods, home builders and current market conditions. Visit jenniferegbert.com, e-mail [email protected] or call 303.619.3373.