242 Wildwood Lane, Boulder (Photo courtesy: Jennifer Egbert).

Jennifer Egbert, milehimodern

If you’re considering listing your home, don’t underestimate the importance of staging. Even when you’re selling in a strong market like Boulder, staging can help you sell the property quickly and for the price you desire. Here, I share why this strategy is so crucial for getting your home sold and why every seller should invest in a professional stager.

Why it’s necessary
You’ve probably spent years adding special touches to make your house feel like a home. While it’s great to have your home reflect your personal style, buyers won’t be drawn to a property that’s clearly decorated for someone else. A stager will create a visually appealing space to help buyers notice the home’s best features and visualize what life might be like living there. Most buyers browse listings online, and staging (plus professional photos) will capture the eye of more potential buyers. When more people are interested in the property, that’s great news for the seller. It’s not unusual for staged homes to incite a bidding war to help the home sell at or above listing price.

How to find a high-quality stager
Staging is one of the most critical investments to make when selling a home, especially in a luxury market with limited inventory. Since this is the case in Boulder, you’ll need to work with an experienced stager that you trust. Ask your realtor for recommendations first, but if he or she doesn’t have a preferred stager, compile a list of interview questions. Ask to see before and after photos of homes that they’ve staged, and which rooms they typically work with. It’s also helpful to inquire about their access to staging inventory. If the stager rents furnishings, be sure that the rental period is adequate to get the home sold. Stagers also charge for their services differently, so your realtor will need to ask about how they will be compensated. Some charge a flat fee, while others charge an hourly rate or by the number of rooms staged.

When selling your home, staging makes all the difference. A good stager can bring out the best in your property and create a near universally-appealing aesthetic to attract buyers. Return on investment is usually excellent and can expedite the selling process. If you’re thinking about selling your home in Boulder, I’d love to help. I’m intimately familiar with our market and will connect you with the stagers that I trust to deliver unbeatable results. Please contact my team to learn more.

By Jennifer Egbert. Jennifer is the founding Realtor of the Boulder branch of milehimodern. She specializes in Luxury neighborhoods, home builders and current market conditions. Visit jenniferegbert.com, e-mail [email protected] or call 303.619.3373.