Tom Kalinski, RE/MAX of Boulder

Tom Kalinski, RE/MAX of Boulder

That’s ample rationale to make the most of your home’s bonus space when you plan to sell. Simple staging can turn that large landing or extra room into a space that declares, “Great Lifestyle!”. Your home sale will benefit from the impression of extra value. 

With staging your bonus space in mind, consider these tips from and Better Homes and Gardens on how to bring that nook or room to life.

Make rooms single-purpose

Choose your least used space and reimagine its purpose. Don’t make the mistake of combo rooms, however. If you’re creating a quiet spot to draw or listen to music, don’t make it double as a workout room. Just pick a purpose and go for it for the best results when selling. 

Capitalize on the yoga craze

The number of people engaged in yoga and meditation is surging. Turning your bonus room into the ideal space to practice poses is sure to bring out the “Ohms” from buyers. Keep your décor simple with a yoga mat, comfy pillows, plants, and even a small water fountain. Or, go more fitness-heavy with a home gym. Just don’t put in so much exercise equipment that it makes your room feel small. 

 Get crafty

If you have a hobby, show it off with an attractive and well-organized space. Buyers value storage and a hobby room is a great place to showcase clever cubbies and good lighting. You can go as simple as a long table and freestanding bookshelves to convey the idea of purposeful bonus space. 

Showcase your penchant for gaming

Today, playing video games is a major source of entertainment and socializing for people of all ages. Make your gaming space enviable with loads of electrical outlets for consoles or charging stations and gaming computers. Accommodate group play with three feet around every side of the table.

Make your home office a storage haven

Telecommuting is here to stay, which makes the home office a useful feature. Stage it creatively with tall storage, lots of shelving, a small seating area and stylish, effective lighting. 

Go big with your closet 

Walk-in closets are a must-have for today’s home buyers. If your master bedroom closet is not very large, consider transforming a bedroom into a to-die-for closet with a dressing area. Give it tons of hanging and shoe space and storage drawers galore.

Stage your space authentically

However, you decide to stage your space, be true to yourself. If you’re an empty nester, don’t stage a nursery or fake playroom. Pick one of your passions and create a space that’s clean and simple. It will make your home shine with possibilities and an aspirational lifestyle. 

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