Boulder Modern Home Tour

Photos courtesy of Boulder Modern Home Tour

n Saturday, Oct. 20th, the Modern Architecture+ Design Society (MA+DS) returns to Boulder for the first time since 2012 to present the Modern Home Tour. The event gives regional architects, designers and home builders the opportunity to showcase their work to the community in which they work. In turn, the self-guided tour gives the community an opportunity to engage the minds behind the designs and ask questions as they explore some of Boulder’s modern homes inside and out.

“We had been planning to return to Boulder ever since our first tour six years ago,” says MA+DS Founder and President James Leasure. “Timing and availability coincided this year in a way that has made bringing the Modern Home Tour back possible – and we couldn’t be more excited. Our curated line-up showcases some incredible modern designs that are sure to impress and awe everyone who comes out to
see them.”

Hundreds are expected to attend the Tour. Some undoubtedly will be homebuyers hoping to connect with design teams and get some fresh creative vision; others may just want to feast their eyes on a few of Boulder’s most spectacular homes. Whatever the reason, this is an incredible opportunity to touch and feel Boulder’s unique modern architecture and design aesthetic.

“In Boulder, you tend to see homes made with a lot of stone and timber,” says MA+DS Vice President Ken Shallcross. “There’s a cottage style and a mountain home feel. Rustic meets modern,
if you will.”

Five homes have been accepted and confirmed for the 2018 Boulder Modern Home Tour. Participating architects, designers, and featured neighborhoods include:

  • A custom modern home with contemporary furnishings in Longmont, designed by F9 Productions
  • A home in Frasier Meadows that was transformed into a modern showcase of art, designed by Arcadea Architecture
  • A second Arcadea Architecture modern transformation located in the Devil’s Thumb – Rolling Hill neighborhood
  • A brand-new contemporary home, designed by Caddis Architecture, overlooking the Baseline Reservoir (interior design by studiotrope Design Collective, built by BuildWell)
  • A brand-new modern home sitting atop Pine Brook Hill with views of the city, designed by Arch11
  • Bonus home: enjoy light refreshments as you visit a Charles Haertling-designed home at the tour

Although the Modern Home Tour has been gone from Boulder for six years, MA+DS is in regular contact with local architects and design firms because the Denver Modern Home Tour has been an annual event for eight years running.

“I have a big list of people we’ve worked with before, and I’m always asking them if there’s something they’ve designed that they think people should see,” says Shallcross. “And this year, we had enough great modern homes submitted to us that we decided to go for it.”

The American Institute of Architecture Students’ CU-Boulder chapter is joining the tour as non-profit beneficiary and volunteer partner. Students will help staff the event in return for a donation to the club and the opportunity to use the tour as a fundraising vehicle, while also contributing volunteer hours and making connections in their field. “We always provide a person to take tickets at the door of each home featured on the tour,” Shallcross explains. “And we’d much rather have a student who wants to learn about the design process do that than a hired hand who might not have a vested interest. For a couple hours of their time at the door, they in turn get to see some of the other amazing homes and chat with the people who built them. It’s a great opportunity.”

If you have an interest in seeing cool houses or if you’re a homebuyer or homeowner looking for someone to work with, you’ll love the Boulder Modern Home Tour.

WHEN: Participating homes on the tour will open their doors for viewing from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 20th. The after-party takes place immediately following the tour from 5 to 7 p.m.

TICKETS: Tickets to see all homes are $40 in advance and $50 on the day of the tour and include admission to the after-party. Ages 12 and up are invited to attend.

INFORMATION: Go online to for details and tickets.

By Darren Thornberry