Rob Proctor

Rob Proctor

Okay, so you think you’ve done all you can to prepare your home for what will hopefully be a non-stop parade of potential buyers through the door. Check to make sure you aren’t guilty of one of the following “seller’s sins.”

Not taking care of odors

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and instantly been assaulted by odors? Cigarette smoke and pets are the main sources of bad smells in the home. Mold and mildew follow close behind.

If you smoke indoors you need to stop while the house is on the market. It’s a hassle, but find a place outside for smoking and do everything you can to eradicate smelly odors in your home.


Speaking of pets, what will you do with yours during home tours? Some people are frightened of dogs, others allergic. This might be a great time to crate train your dog as it’s the safest and best place for it during home showings.

Disgusting bathrooms

Maybe you can live with the grime but it’s a definite turn-off to a would-be buyer. Bathrooms, like kitchens, should be spotless. Scrub the tub and shower enclosure until they shine. New shower curtains, towels and coordinating accessories are a nice touch.

Dark rooms

Dark rooms make a buyer wonder what you’re trying to hide. Open the blinds turn on the lights and brighten up every room in the house. If you need more light it’s worth it to purchase an inexpensive lamp or two. Hang mirrors on the wall to catch reflected light.

Outdated wallpaper

Wallpaper should always be stripped away and removed prior to showing a home. Even people who love wallpaper will want choose their own. It’s best to get rid of it and paint the wall a neutral color.

Dank, dark basements

If your basement smells like mold and mildew potential buyers may just turn and run. The first thing that will most likely come to mind is expensive leak repairs. Fix the problem before it becomes a deal breaker.

Creepy crawlies

If you have a pest problem find a way to remedy it.

A lack of curb appeal

If the house doesn’t appeal to a potential buyer from the street, he may not bother even getting out of the car to view the interior. Capturing a buyer’s immediate attention is vital when showing your home.

Do everything within your budget to clean the yard, plant new shrubs and flowers, paint the front door, etc. “Inviting” is the operative concept here.

Cluttered garages or carports

For a lot of people, the garage is nothing more than a catch-all for storage items. If you are among those folks, it’s important to clean out and de-clutter.

The presence of the seller at showings

Buyers feel intimidated when the seller is present at showings. Lock away your valuables and prescription drugs and go have some fun while potential buyers tour the home and speak freely with their agent. Give them space to open closets and cupboards without being under your watchful eye. Even if you have to go for a drive to get out of the house, it’s much better than hanging around.

Don’t let your home scare away potential buyers. Correcting the above issues are easy and inexpensive and will do nothing but help you to market the home in the most effective way possible.

By Rob Proctor. Rob is the Broker/Owner of At Home Real Estate Company in Loveland. Born and raised in Loveland, Rob calls Northern Colorado (Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley and Windsor) his home with his wife and three daughters. To contact Rob, call 970.481.2133, e-mail [email protected] or visit