Sean McIllwain, Mod Boulder Real Estate

Sean McIllwain, Mod Boulder Real Estate

Whether it’s thoughtful landscaping, stylish outdoor accents or an eye-catching mailbox, curb appeal can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. But the one distinguishing curb-appeal characteristic that says a lot about you? The color of your front door.

Muted and mellow or bright and bold, your front door’s color is one of the first things your guests see before they ever make it inside. Perhaps you’re an East Coaster longing for the midnight blue doors of Georgetown. Or maybe you like the timeless sophistication of a deep shade of onyx. Drawn to a happy hue of canary yellow? How very Caribbean of you.

Whatever your color of choice, know that it goes beyond the bounds of your personal style. Recent research has shown that, after seeing the color of a front door, visitors make an assumption about the homeowner in under ten seconds. No pressure, right?

If you want to know more about what your color choice says about you, let’s dive in.

Blue: Luckily, if your front door is feeling blue, it’s not a sign of a dour mood. While blue doors generally signify a spirited energy, the specific shade of blue reveals even more. Light blue doors are chosen by lighthearted, sincere and trustworthy people, while royal blue signifies wealth and lasting prosperity. If navy blue is more your hue, it represents a no-nonsense, ivy-league intelligence.

Yellow: They call it mellow yellow for a reason. While a generally uncommon color, a yellow front door says that you’re compassionate, curious, understanding and confident – all key characteristics of a good friend. You’ll also probably spark the intrigue of your neighbors, who’ll want to know more about the person with the sunny disposition who lives behind that sunshine-colored door.

White: Organized and peaceful, you like to keep your home simple, clean and serene. With a deep-seated need for order, your meticulousness and attention to detail allow you to keep everything in its place. You’re one of the few who can truly call your house a “Home Sweet Home”.

Red: One of the most popular colors in early American tradition, a red door says “welcome” with a smile. While bright red indicates passion and vibrancy, a deeper red can signify warmth and an inviting nature. With any shade of red, it’s clear that plenty of boisterous entertaining happens behind that closed crimson door.

Black: Sophisticated and authoritative, your choice in a black door symbolizes your need for order and control, as well as your distinguished taste in the finer things in life. To the uninitiated, however, a black door can also add an air of mystery and intrigue.

Green: You adhere to the saying “going green” in many aspects of your life. With a green front door, you’re signaling to visitors that your home is a place of health, safety and community. Responsible yet easygoing, you care deeply about your family’s health, as well as the wellbeing of your larger local community. And if we peeked into your backyard, we’d likely find a true gardener’s paradise.

Brown: Like a dependable oxford shoe, a brown front door relays a message of reliability, steadfastness and an appreciation of the classics. While you’re likely introverted and private, you emit a warmth that draws those who know you even closer.

Purple: Like yellow, purple is an uncommon front door color. It’s often associated with spirituality and mysticism, so in painting your front door this transcendental shade, you’ll be telling your neighbors and visitors that you’re an open-minded, openhearted risk-taker.

Gray: Often associated with sincerity, a gray door is a sign of inherent dignity and intelligence. But watch out, wise one: depending on the shade of gray, you may come across as standoffish and overly analytical. It’s likely you weigh your options precisely and at length before making any decisions.

Orange: The neighborhood’s social butterfly welcomes one and all through an orange door. Fearless, vibrant and exciting, you’re always up for trying something new – while inviting the neighborhood to join in. You like entertaining and taking on new challenges, and you love to plan a good party.

Pink: Inside this romantic-colored door, every pillow is monogrammed and every drink has a garnish. While romance is the most obvious name of your game, you’ve also got a hint of bold mischievousness with a side of creativity. Go ahead, you do you!

There’s no doubt that at the end of a long day, it’s wonderful to be greeted by a color that represents who you are, inside and out. The colors we choose for our home – and especially for our front door – offer the outside world a glimpse of the true personalities that reside within.

By Sean McIllwain. Sean is the founding broker of Mod Boulder Real Estate and the principal pedaler at Club Mod Cycling. Call 720.252.6051, e-mail [email protected] or visit