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Jennifer Egbert

If you’re considering listing your home in Colorado, you may be tempted to cash in on equity and go for sale by owner or work with a Realtor who’s a friend or family member. However, you’re best advised to work with a top-tier listing agent. Just like any other profession, not all agents have the necessary experience and knowledge of the local market to help you achieve your goals. Their ability to negotiate the best terms and conditions in the purchase contract is also dependent on their skill and experience, and plays a huge role in the outcome of your property sale.

Working with a knowledgeable team has never been more important, as all predictions continue to point toward a housing market course correction. Although the Colorado market is often considered insulated from the trends at large, the luxury market is highly competitive. Curious about the difference a talented listing agent can make? Here, we discuss the benefits of having a specialist in your corner.

Bring out the best in your home

With the market shifting, your listing agent will play a critical role in the amount your home sells for. We’re still not in a balanced market, but the seller’s market is less aggressive than it was last year. If you want to command a certain price for your home, your Realtor must have the capability to bring out the artistry of your property, highlighting the home’s special characteristics and assisting clients in presenting the home in the best possible light.

Market your home effectively

Even in a seller’s market, a savvy listing agent is necessary to accurately price and market your home. We have reached a bit of a turning point in the market, and homes are no longer inciting bidding wars just days after being listed. As recently as last year, even inexperienced agents could list a home and expect the property to move quickly. Now, as interest rates are higher and the buyer pool is more discerning, your agent must have a thorough understanding of the market. While it’s true that luxury homes over $2.5 million often take longer to sell because the buyer pool is limited, your agent is imperative in listing the home at the correct price right off the bat. This can reduce days on market and appeal to the highly qualified buyers who are ready to purchase now.

Access to high-quality marketing

Because there are fewer buyers in the luxury market, quality marketing is crucial. When selecting a listing agent to work with, be sure to consider their connections and marketing strategy. Details such as top-level professional photography, professional copywriting, and a well-established website and social media channels are the bare minimum. Ideally, look for a Realtor who can demonstrate a strong track record in marketing that provides results.

Listing your luxury home is a decision that most do not take lightly. Even if you have a stunner of a property that you expect to sell quickly, an experienced listing agent with business acumen to match is a crucial partnership to make.

By Jennifer Egbert. Jennifer is an award-winning, licensed Realtor® at milehimodern real estate with more than twenty years of experience. She specializes in Luxury neighborhoods, home builders and current market conditions. Visit jenniferegbert.com, e-mail by visiting jenniferegbert.com/contact or call 720.802.3050.