By Mary Lynn Bruny

We’ve all been spending a ridiculous amount of time in our homes during this pandemic. This has allowed us plenty of opportunity to fully experience their shortcomings (especially if there are wild youngins scampering about and/or mopey teens trudging around). For some of us, things that kind of bugged us about our places before the pandemic now really irritate us. Some of us have even discovered new things that aggravate us. So very vexing. The bounty of annoyance is plentiful, especially given our prevailing pandemic pissiness.

If you feel this way, are you just COVID-cranky or are you really ready to load the moving van come spring? Answer these questions to see if it’s time to start packing:

• Do you keep moving stuff around your home, trying to get some sense of organization and better use of space, only to find that it’s like trying to fit ten gallons of water into a five gallon bucket? Does this make you want to put your head into said five gallon bucket (hopefully without water) and scream in frustration?

• Or, conversely, do you feel your place is just too darn big (who needs all these rooms now that the offspring have launched?) and/or it’s too much work (ugh, enough already!), and you are just sick of it all?

• Do you find yourself sneaking onto real estate listing websites for just a quick peak to see what’s new and then suddenly it’s three hours later and you have drool running down your chin?

• Do phrases like “huge walk-in closet,” “his and her offices,” “separate children’s wing” or “no maintenance” make your heart flutter more than hearing “I love you” from your beloved?

• Have you stopped thinking of your place as your “forever home” and instead view it as your “been there, done that, so over it home”?

• Do you steal away the newspaper real estate sections and pour over them like an anthropologist in search of the Holy Grail?

• Are there homes on real estate listing websites you have marked as favorites that you gaze at lovingly again and again, thinking about how you would change the paint, and arrange your furniture and accessories? (And, really, how much better those places would look. They deserve you, right?)

• Have you secretly been stashing away nice boxes that would be good for moving in an alcove in your basement? Have you been hoarding bubble wrap like a overly-focused hamster?

• Do you suddenly have the motivation to tackle those house projects on your To Do list which your partner has been nagging you about since rocks were created – projects which just happen to be things you need done to sell your house?

• Have you been quietly and covertly getting rid of household items you vigorously disdain – actually are physical repulsed by – knowing you don’t want to move them to a lovely new place? (Like your partner’s old lazy boy in the basement. Such a heinous thing. No one would blame you for chucking that monstrosity.)

If you answered “yes” to many of these, you’re probably ready to move. Get ready for spring action! Continue de-junking (especially your partner’s ugly old furniture). And keep stashing away those nice boxes. You’ll definitely need those.

By Mary Lynn Bruny. Mary Lynn writes about local real estate and home-related topics. Contact her by e-mail at [email protected]. To read previous The Lighter Side articles, go to