Rick Jacquemard, Flatirons Home Inspections

Rick Jacquemard, Flatirons Home Inspections

You are under contract to sell your home and the buyer has had it inspected. The inspection report states that there are items in need of repair or replacement. What should you do next? If you as the seller don’t agree with what the inspector has found you can have your own inspection done to get a second opinion.

As a seller you are not required to fix anything. You can, for example list all known issues with the house in disclosures and note them as part of the asking price. In most cases however, there will be negotiations as to what the seller will repair or a reduction in the asking price of the home.

Generally speaking, no house is perfect and the inspection report is not a to-do list for the sellers. Most buyers and sellers end up addressing problems found in an inspection before closing or by including money in the final agreement to pay for any major repairs. Most buyers are also sellers. If the sellers are not willing to negotiate the resolution of items on an inspection report the sale may fall through. Any issues found listed on and inspection report with then need to be disclosed to future buyer.

If you are selling your home you can have a pre-listing or “sellers” inspection done prior to listing the property. You would then have the option of deciding to repair or replace items on the inspection report or list them in disclosures.

If buyers see that you have recently repaired or upgraded things they may feel more secure about the rest of the house.

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