Calmante in Superior has proven to be a fantastic location.

Low maintenance living in Boulder County.

Mark and Judy Forreider are hardly alone. Like a lot of other folks, they’ve come to realize that life on the Front Range of Colorado is a pretty special thing.

“We are originally from Michigan,” Judy said. “Our boys are both in college.”

Just as the kids cleared out, Mark got a job offer in Broomfield. Ready for a change of pace, they decided to relocate. Of course, that meant finding a new home. They went right to work.

“I came out in December [of 2015],” Judy said. She cast her net wide, looking at both older homes and new construction. Like any other savvy home buyers, she and Mark wanted a good value. They wanted a home that fit their lifestyle – one that wouldn’t require an overwhelming amount of maintenance.

“I was just driving around and I saw it,” Mark said of Calmante, a Superior community built by local home builder Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. The couple was already considering a move to a townhome for purely pragmatic reasons. There’s typically less maintenance. He liked what he saw of the community, and his Realtor spoke highly of Boulder Creek Neighborhoods, so they gave it a closer look.

And that was all it took. “As soon as I walked into these models, that was it,” Judy said. She was immediately impressed by the size and layout of the homes. “It doesn’t feel like a typical townhome might feel,” she added.
There’s good reason for that. Boulder Creek’s approach to designing homes falls in line with their overall philosophy. Your home is a very real extension of you. Not only is the space personal, but it also has tremendous impact on your life – how you spend your free time, what your day-to-day routine entails, and even how you socialize. Your house is practically a part of your family, so Boulder Creek strives to design homes that enhance the entire living experience of the residents.

The low-maintenance homes at Calmante are no exception. With three floorplan designs that feature both ranch-style and two-story layouts, the Calmante homes make a statement. Featuring rustic, Tuscan-style architectural details, and offering finished lower levels and outdoor living areas, Boulder Creek’s thoughtful approach stands out.

Calmante, Superior, CO, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

The Forreiders enjoy frequent walks, so they’re a big fan of the paths throughout the neighborhood. There’s shopping, restaurants and grocery stores nearby, and the community itself is beautiful.

The Forreider’s home is spacious and welcoming, with lots of windows allowing for plenty of natural light. “The model we are in is such an open plan,” Judy said. Indeed, the main floor has been laid out to create a nice, big feel. The kitchen flows right into the living room, making it a wonderful place for family gatherings and parties.

Judy is particularly excited about the kitchen. “I love to bake,” she said, “and there’s so much space in here to bake.” She was delighted to find ample storage, as well as countertop space. Both of those are essential if you like to cook. Plus, there’s more than enough room to move around, which is handy as most get-togethers migrate to the kitchen at some point.

“The kitchen,” she said in summary, “It is amazing.”

As for Mark, he’s fond of the fully finished lower level, which he describes as “a giant man cave.” Mark has big plans for the space. He’s thinking of investing in a pinball machine, or a pool table, or a wall bar. Or possibly all three. He says there’s plenty of room.

The home also includes three bedrooms, which is perfect for the Forreiders. Their kids may be grown up, but they certainly plan to visit. As Judy put it, “The boys had to feel like they could still come home when they want to.”
And the boys won’t be the only ones visiting. Friends from their former hometown are already lining up to spend a few days on the Front Range. “We’ve had lots of company from Michigan,” Judy said. Mark picked up, finishing the sentence for her: “And their jaws drop.”

Aside from the floorplan, which immediately won the Forreiders over, there’s another Boulder Creek amenity that fit their lifestyle perfectly: low maintenance living.

No one enjoys home maintenance. It can be time-consuming and never-ending. Boulder Creek’s homes benefit from a low maintenance lifestyle that covers the many outdoor chores, including lawn care and snow removal. The convenience alone is enough to entice many home buyers, but the Forreiders saw it as essential.

“Sometimes the travel schedule can get pretty hectic for me,” Mark said of his job. When he’s on the road, it’s simply not possible to shovel the driveway. Without their low maintenance home, they’d be forced to shell out big bucks to have someone else do it, or it would fall on Judy.

But they bought from Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. Problem solved.

Calmante, Superior, CO, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

The Forreiders are certainly happy with their choice. “As soon as we moved in here, it felt like home,” Judy said.

In addition to traveling for work, the Forreiders also like to head out of town for leisure. Planning a vacation is infinitely easier when you don’t have to mess with tending to the house. “We just got back from Europe,” Mark said. “The sidewalk was shoveled. The driveway was shoveled.” Talk about convenient.

Along the same lines, Calmante has proven to be a fantastic Boulder County location. Judy enjoys frequent walks, so she’s a big fan of the paths throughout the neighborhood. There’s shopping, restaurants and grocery stores nearby, and the community itself is beautiful. What’s more, the Forreiders have found their new neighbors to be very friendly.

Mark and Judy also report that working with Boulder Creek staff could not have been easier. They found the folks at Boulder Creek to be friendly and accommodating, always ready to answer questions and even going out of their way to be helpful.

That’s strong praise for any home builder, and certainly something buyers look for. Even more when you’re moving from out-of-state. Considering the sheer magnitude of a home purchase, it’s difficult to overstate the value of the kind of customer service Boulder Creek provides.

Judy summed it up by simply saying, “We really can’t complain about anything.”

Most folks are all too familiar with the stress of house hunting and moving. It’s an arduous, expensive task, but it doesn’t have to be. Boulder Creek’s homes at Calmante are a perfect blend of stylish design and outstanding value. You’d be hard pressed to find a better option in Colorado’s extremely competitive home market.

The Forreiders are certainly happy with their choice. “As soon as we moved in here, it felt like home,” Judy said.

The homes at Calmante have proven to be a top seller in Boulder County. In fact, as you can see, the townhomes at Calmante are getting rave reviews. They are so popular that only six homes remain in the entire community. They range in size from 3000 sq. ft. to over 3700 sq. ft., with prices starting in the $800s. Both two-story and ranch-style floorplans are available, so act quickly if you’re in the market for a new way of living. Calmante has two model homes (open daily), and Boulder Creek has a dedicated online sales concierge ready to answer your questions 7 days a week at 720.459.6262. Visit to learn more.

By A Martin, At Home. Photography by Timothy Seibert and Boulder Creek Neighborhoods.