Barefoot Lakes in Firestone is a community built around the idea that your life is enriched by being close to water and surrounded by nature. (Photo courtesy: Barefoot Lakes).


Barefoot Lakes offers home options from five builders: Brookfield Residential, CreekStone Homes, KB Home, Lennar Homes and Richmond American Homes. (Photo courtesy: Barefoot Lakes).

With a little more time at home lately, it’s likely that we’re all dreaming of summer. Our minds are filled with visions of long, sunny days spent waterside, playing and making memories with those you love most. If the idea of living around water relaxes you, you’re not alone. There is even a scientific theory that explains that sensation: “blue mind science.” Proposed by marine biologist Wallace Nichols in his book “Blue Mind,” blue mind science is the theory that there are tangible neurological, psychological and emotional benefits to connecting with water spaces. “If you come in contact with water regularly, it has major positive effects on energy, stress and attitude,” says Ethan Demby, Director of Integration at Art + Business ONE, the brand and marketing firm for Barefoot Lakes.

Barefoot Lakes in Firestone is a community built around the idea that your life is enriched by being close to water and surrounded by nature. Everyday activities become more unique and exciting when your home is surrounded by wild, natural spaces. Barefoot Lakes boasts a variety of natural amenities, including an expansive network of trails through open space and the 12-acre Peninsula Park. Residents and their families have every opportunity to engage with nature easily and daily.

Don’t just live by the lake – live on it!
In an effort to further enhance the everyday experiences for its residents, Barefoot Lakes will launch lake access later this year. Not only will Barefoot Lakes residents reap the calming visual benefits of lakeside living, but now they will be able to spend even more time on the water itself. Lake access will be provided by a third-party watercraft rental supplier, Stand Up Paddle Colorado. Residents can kayak and paddle board on the lakes, and rentals will be available to launch at Peninsula Park’s pier and dock.

Lake access will also include the installation of designated fishing locations around the lakes. Lakeside trails loop to a number of different locations, each with instructional information about the rules and regulations of fishing at Barefoot Lakes. Five types of fish live in the lakes. Hybrid striped bass and large mouth bass are both release immediately. Fishers can take home a limit of twenty each of black crappie and bluegill. Fishers are advised to remove and dispose of the common carp, which were introduced as an ecological tool for enhancing the cleanliness of the lake.

Barefoot Lakes is working with the High Plains Environmental Center to generate educational and informational plaques to place around the lake. Barefoot Lakes is a water conscious community, and the developers have used a native and natural landscaping strategy that will take a few years to develop fully. The end results will provide a fruitful and resilient ecosystem for natural wildlife, and the plaques will provide visitors and residents alike with abundant information on how and why it is important to preserve the unique Barefoot Lakes environment.

The Cove at Barefoot Lakes. (Photo courtesy Barefoot Lakes. Renderings are artist’s conception and may vary in detail).

Grand opening of The Cove’s pool this summer
Another impressive amenity newly available to Barefoot Lakes residents is The Cove, a brand-new, 7,000-square-foot amenity center with fitness and lounge areas. This summer will see the grand opening of The Cove’s pool, featuring a beach-style entry and a few lap lanes. The Cove is built for enjoying the outdoors with carefully-designed details like fire pits, pickle ball courts and surrounding nature trails.

A grand opening party for lake access and The Cove pool opening was initially planned for the end of May, but is currently postponed to ensure safety. Register at the Barefoot Lakes website to ensure you get timely information about grand openings.

Homes at Barefoot Lakes
The builders in the Barefoot Lakes community offer luxurious, functional spaces for relaxation and recharge between their outdoor recreation activities. There are five builders contributing to the burgeoning Barefoot Lakes community: Creek Stone Homes from the low $500s, KB Home from the high $300s, Richmond American Homes from the low $400s, Lennar from the low $400s, and Brookfield Residential starting in the high $300s.

Newly on offer from Brookfield Residential is a unique, enclave neighborhood called LakeHouse Village, a part of Brookfield’s Spree Living concept. Focused on providing a low-maintenance lifestyle with life-enriching experiences, this neighborhood is perfect for residents of any age who desire a simple yet engaging and entertaining lifestyle. Even in this time of social distancing, the community’s lifestyle manager, Paul Cardenas, is finding ways to connect residents through shared activities like virtual yoga and brunch deliveries.

Two different styles of homes are available at the LakeHouse Village at Barefoot Lakes. The Villa Portfolio features homes in a duplex/patio style. While residents will share a wall with their neighbors, the Villa homes offer plenty of privacy and luxury with beautiful interiors and finishes. For those who need more space, the Ovation Portfolio offers single family homes with larger square footage and more beds and baths, positioned just above the lakes. The Villa Portfolio starts in the high $300s and the Ovation Portfolio starts in the low $400s.

Experience outdoor life at the best time of year
As spring arrives and we start to get more warm and sunny days, it has become all the more valuable to have easy access to outdoor experiences. At Barefoot Lakes, life is enriched by not only the lakes, but also by the trees and trails and never-ending blue sky. Everything that makes Colorado beautiful and unique is right out your front door. For more information, visit