Rick Jacquemard, Flatirons Home Inspections

Rick Jacquemard, Flatirons Home Inspections

A home inspection is not a warranty. It is not a guarantee that nothing will break, go wrong or fail for months or years down the road.

Inspectors can’t determine or foresee when an appliance will fail, when roof damage will occur, when plumbing will spring a leak or when HVAC will fail. Homes are mechanical in nature and can have items fail at any time.

Cosmetic issues are not the focus of a home inspection. However, most quality home inspectors will state in their report when it is their opinion that a defect is cosmetic. Home inspectors do not disassemble items in a home to evaluate internal conditions. However, good inspectors will remove access panels on items such as water heaters, HVAC and main electric panels for evaluation.

Inspectors are trained to identify and report visible defects in thousands of items in a home. Home inspectors are not experts on most items and will often make report comments like “should be further evaluated by an HVAC professional” This is the clue for the buyer or seller to hire a specialist because the inspector has found suspicious conditions.

No home is maintenance free there will be mechanical issues from time to time. These issues are not the inspector’s fault or something that they missed in most cases. It is just part of home ownership.

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