Ryan Devin, The Devin Team at Keller Williams

Ryan Devin, The Devin Team at Keller Williams

GOLDEN – Realtor Ryan Devin, of the Devin Team at Keller Williams, recently helped his sixty-fifth family find their dream home through Home Partners of America, a program that allows buyers unable to purchase a home today to rent now, with the right to own it in the future. These families, who weren’t able outright purchase due to issues with credit or trouble collecting the funds for a down payment, were able to move into their desired homes because of this right to purchase program.

“I understand how it feels to want to own a home but not be quite ready financially,” said Devin. “This program is a blessing to those in this situation, because they can choose and rent the home of their dreams today, and have the option to buy it when they
are able.”

Devin and his partnership with Home Partners of America is committed to making homeownership a reality for more people and the program provides a clear path to do so. An applicant is able to choose any home that fits within their budget from the vast inventory on the “for sale” residential market. The applicant signs a one-year lease, and has the option to purchase from Home Partners any time within the next five years.

“The program is a great fit for people with credit issues, those that are in the process of saving to buy a home, or those who want to try out a neighborhood before they purchase,” added Devin. “They are brought on as tenants and exercise their right to purchase once they are ready to do so. By being able to provide this option we are truly allowing people to get a foothold on their future and bring people closer to the dream of homeownership, not just locally but nationally as well.”

The families Devin works with have no obligation to buy, and are able to opt out if they choose at the conclusion of their one-year lease agreement. There is a five-year guarantee of the housing purchase price, as well as the lease rate. “The price is fixed yearly, so there is no surprise on what the purchase price will be,” concluded Devin.

Ryan Devin is a Realtor at the Devin Team at Keller Williams in the Denver Metro area. Contact Ryan at 303.579.9428, or visit thedevinteam.com.