Tom Kalinski, RE/MAX of Boulder

Tom Kalinski, RE/MAX of Boulder

BOULDER – If you’re lucky enough to call Boulder County home, here’s some news to celebrate.

The Community Foundation Boulder County, an organization that has shaped our community through philanthropic leadership, marks its 25th anniversary this year.

During that quarter-century, Boulder County has benefitted from the Community Foundation’s granting nearly $68 million to nonprofits and establishing an endowment of more than $52.3 million.

Donations and strategic resources have gone to improve health and human services, basic needs, children and youth, education, civic engagement, arts and culture, and animals and the environment.

“We touch just about any issue area,” says Gretchen Minekime, the foundation’s vice president of communications.

From its beginning, the foundation has worked in strategic ways. The mission has been to not only provide grants, but to also create innovative, long-lasting ways to ignite change.

“It was very grassroots and started with very little money by a group of people who wanted to address issues in the community, which is different than starting because of receiving a lot of money in a trust,”
says Minekime, who has been with the organization since 2002.

Consider the possibilities
“The founding documents were visionary 25 years ago and still inspire me today,” says Josie Heath, president of the foundation since 1995 and retiring at the end of this year.

A list of ‘possibilities to consider’ made by the founders still guide the foundation today. The far-reaching statements outlined key intentions including facilitating new, risk-taking approaches that address root causes and are not just Band-Aids.

The result is impactful programs and initiatives that improve the quality of life for all Boulder County residents including the broadly relied upon TRENDS Report, a School Readiness Initiative that reaches into the community to help overcome a persistent achievement gap, and the Open Door Fund which supports the GLBQT community, among other successes.

With a strong belief that ‘we accomplish more together than alone,’ the foundation collaborates with donors, partners and grant recipients.

“Our donors range from someone who donates $50 to someone who donates $1 million, and everyone in between,” explains Minekime, noting that the foundation works with donors to ensure their contribution goes to areas that fit their interests.

“The foundation has been innovative in developing our community’s culture of giving, and that innovation is a reflection of the Boulder County community,” says Heath, referring to Pledge 1% Colorado, a program that inspires start-up founders and entrepreneurs to be philanthropic once they are successful. 

“Entrepreneurs in this area are such an important part of our economy and creativity. And our nonprofit community is also very innovative,” adds Heath. “We wanted to reflect that innovation and creativity in how we approached the work of the Community Foundation.”

There’s something special about giving through the Community Foundation Boulder County – whether you give by establishing a donor-advised fund, volunteer, or contribute to your favorite charity on Colorado Gives Day.

“You work with us, you give through us, you’re part of us and go to events with us, and get donor education sessions with us – and you feel like you’re part of a community,” says Minekime.

“It’s something you can have trust and confidence in because of how we do our work and steward our finances. If people are going to invest, they need to trust that it’s done right.”

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