Low Maintenance Living in Loveland“We lived in the Congress Park neighborhood.”

That’s Kari Smith. She and husband, Bill, were happy with their last home in Denver. “Our house was 101 years old,” Smith explained. It had character, it was comfortable, and it was nestled in a wonderful community. She even liked her neighbors.

But there was a potential problem.

While Kari and Bill are both still active and perfectly capable of the kind of upkeep an older home requires, they know eventually the work will be too much. And well before that point, they won’t want to spend hours a week taking care of the yard, shoveling snow, and attending to all the other little things an aging home demands.

“We decided we should be more proactive,” Smith said. “We wanted to be able to make that choice.”

And it’s a big choice. Where do you settle in for the long haul?

Do you wait until you can’t manage the stairs in your own home to relocate, or do you strike out on an adventure years ahead of the curve? Do you take the initiative and invest in your own future, moving into a comfortable, accommodating house while you’re still very much in your prime?

For Kari and Bill, the choice was easy. They knew they didn’t want to move into a “retirement community.” For one, they’re too young and too active to make that a good fit. They also like living in a diverse community. There’s something to be said for seeing neighbors at all stages of family life.

Low Maintenance Living in LovelandSo they came up with a plan. “We gave ourselves a 2-4 year window to find something,” Smith said. That’s important. They weren’t in any kind of rush. Their search was exhaustive, to say the least.

They began in Denver, and then came across an article in the Denver Post about a new low-maintenance community from local builder, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. The focus of that article was a community in Castle Rock. However, as anyone familiar with the builder knows, Boulder Creek homes tend to sell quickly. When the Smiths called to find out more, all the homes were already under contract. But the development at The Lakes at Centerra in Loveland was just getting kicked off. They decided to check it out.

“We just fell in love with one of the floor plans,” Smith said of their first visit to Centerra.

Main floor living was a huge plus. One of the inconveniences of many homes is the layout itself. With bedrooms on the second floor and utilities in the basement, you can easily end up climbing the stairs dozens of times in a single day. That’s great if you want to feel like you’re always working out, but not ideal if you want your home life to be more relaxing.

The Boulder Creek homes at Centerra have been designed to eliminate that hassle. The living room, kitchen, master suite, laundry room, and all exterior entrances are on the main floor. The fully finished lower level, available in many floorplans, features additional space for entertainment and 1-2 additional bedrooms, as well as a full bath. It’s a near-perfect blend of square-footage and convenience.

“The other thing we really loved about what Boulder Creek was doing was the big windows, wide open, and the wider doorways,” Smith continued. Throughout the homes, you’ll find all kinds of stylish tweaks that make the house more convenient.

The main living area is, as Smith pointed out, open and inviting. Additionally, counter-tops are slightly raised, halls and doorways are wide-set, and even electrical outlets on the walls are positioned a little higher than normal. You end up with a home that feels like it’s been designed for maximum comfort, which is exactly what Boulder Creek has in mind.

And as if all that weren’t enough, Boulder Creek homes also feature a low-maintenance lifestyle that manages everything from lawn care to snow removal. Tired of suiting up on cold winter mornings to clear the driveway? With a Boulder Creek home, that chore can be a thing of the past.

Of course, an amazing home in a lack-luster neighborhood would never have met the Smith’s high standards. “That was something that was very important to us,” Smith said. Once more, Centerra blew them away.

The Lakes at Centerra, much like Boulder Creeks homes, has a spacious feel. “We love the openness,” Smith said. And there are some nice amenities. There’s a community club house, a pool, walking and running trails, and community gardens. The High Plains Environmental Center is located right there in the neighborhood, as is the brand new High Plains School, which offers a S.T.E.M. curriculum for Pre-K through 8th grade.

Low Maintenance Living in Loveland“The development is set up to really foster a sense of community from the residents,” Smith said.

Prior to settling on Centerra, the Smiths did a lot of research. Remember, they’d given themselves years to find a new home. They read up on Loveland, Boulder Creek, Centerra, and the surrounding area. They comparison shopped, too, on the prowl for the very best value they could find. Smith said nothing else compared. Across the board, Boulder Creek’s homes at Centerra swept every category: low-maintenance, well built homes, beautiful floor plans, convenience, location, and even the community, itself.

Smith also made it a point to comment on the experience of working with Boulder Creek staff. “It seemed like they have a real personal investment,” she said.

Indeed, the Smiths weren’t shy about asking questions and delving into the details. Never once did Kari or Bill feel like they had to push for answers. From the sales people to the construction team building their home, the Smiths always felt welcome, often stopping by during construction to check on progress.

“It’s been very positive for us,” she said.

The Lakes at Centerra turned out to be perfect for the Smiths. The community is diverse and welcoming. The amenities are impressive. The homes and the neighborhood are beautiful. Even the location is ideal.

Low-maintenance ranch patio homes in the easyHouse series range from 1500 to 3200 square feet with prices starting in the $300s and up to the mid $400s.

Chances are, there’s a Boulder Creek home at Centerra that’s perfect for your family, too.

For more information about Boulder Creek or The Lakes at Centerra, call 720-506-2448 or visit Boulder Creek’s website at DwellCenterra.com.

By A Martin
, At Home