Tramonto, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

Rendering of a Patio Home at Tramonto. (Rendering: Boulder Creek Neighborhoods).

Low maintenance patio homes in southwest Longmont.

When it comes to home buying, there are as many different approaches as there are home buyers. Some start looking one weekend and sign a contract within days. Some spend quite a bit longer weighing pros and cons, intent on finding the house that’s as close to perfection as possible. Bob and Leslie Cutler are the second kind of buyers.

“We had it in our minds that we were going to look for several years,” Leslie said.

The process began when the couple spent a few days with some friends who’d just moved into a low maintenance patio home. Unfamiliar with the patio home concept, they were delighted, and maybe just a little jealous.

“It felt like being on vacation,” Bob said. Leslie agreed, adding, “It started the wheels turning.”

Looking toward their retirement years, they began to keep an eye on the market, hoping to find a home that would replicate that on-vacation feeling. While there’s no shortage of reputable home builders in Colorado, one builder in particular kept popping up in their search: Boulder Creek Neighborhoods.

“They’re just really solid builders,” Leslie said.

Tramonto, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

The Cutlers like to cycle all over the world. Once they’re in their new home, they won’t have to fuss with finding a house sitter.

The Cutlers first came across Boulder Creek Neighborhoods in 2009. Since then, they’ve made the rounds, checking out new home communities all over the area. Eventually, they decided on Boulder Creek’s Tramonto neighborhood in southwest Longmont. Given their wishlist for a new home, it’s hardly a surprising choice.

The Cutlers are like poster kids for active retirees. Their hobbies include everything from outdoor activities like cross-country skiing, hiking, and cycling, to regular volunteer work. In other words, they don’t need any help filling their calendar. And they certainly don’t want the obligation of hours of time each week spent on home maintenance.

Which is the first major reason they went with Boulder Creek. Every Boulder Creek neighborhood is designed around a low-maintenance lifestyle, meaning outdoor maintenance chores are taken care of on their behalf. While other home owners spend 6-8 hours per week just taking care of the house, Boulder Creek buyers get all that time back. That’s time and energy they can spend doing the things they love, rather than raking the yard or shoveling snow.

“It was very appealing,” Leslie said of the free time they would regain. Bob laughed, saying,
“I would really second that.”

The Cutlers, for example, like to cycle all over the world. Not that long ago, they were pedaling around in Europe. Once they’re in their new home, they won’t have to fuss with finding a house sitter. They can just go, confident that everything will be taken care of on their behalf while they’re out exploring the world.

Another significant factor for the Cutlers was energy efficiency, or, as Bob put it, “Having a smaller environmental footprint.” An energy-efficient home comes with all kinds of perks for the owners. A solid design engineered with attention to detail means lower utility costs year-round. In a place where the summers can be warm and the winters quite chilly, those dollars add up.

But there’s more to it than that.

Tramonto, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

A final “must have” for Bob and Leslie was location. They like Longmont, and wanted to buy in a place that works well for how they spend their free time.

The Cutlers are also committed to doing their part to be conscientious citizens. They want to be environmentally friendly in everything about their lifestyle, including their home. That means opting for energy efficient appliances and designs, as well as partnering with a builder who has a similar commitment.

“I was very excited about the energy efficient features they put in their homes,” Leslie said of Boulder Creek Neighborhoods.

A final “must have” for Bob and Leslie was location. They like Longmont, and wanted to buy in a place that works well for how they spend their free time. “The location was very important,” Bob said. “For the biking, we don’t want to be in too urban an area.”

Perhaps that’s why they found Tramonto so appealing. Tramonto is at the corner of Pike Road and Renaissance Drive, far enough removed from the bustle of city life to feel laid back and private. The Cutlers can even go biking right from the house. As Leslie said, “Tramonto is just perfect for cyclists because of the great bicycle routes.”

At the same time, all the conveniences of Longmont and Boulder are close at hand. Daily shopping, retail, and restaurants are just minutes from the community. Downtown Boulder is a mere 15 minutes away. They’ll have all the perks of city-living with the feel of country life. It’s a perfect combination.

The Cutlers also made mention of their new home’s floorplan, which places an emphasis on main floor living. The rooms they’ll be most likely to use on a daily basis will all be located at ground level.

While climbing stairs wouldn’t present them with a major hassle now, they’re looking to the future. “We could stay here for quite a long time,” Bob said, explaining that the design of the home makes it the kind of space that works well now, while they’re still young and active, and will work well later, allowing them to age in place.

Given their long history with Boulder Creek, having researched the company’s homes for more than six years, one wonders what they thought of Boulder Creek staff. How did they feel about the people who facilitated this major purchase?

In two words, very positive. Both Bob and Leslie said the Boulder Creek staff has been a joy to partner with throughout the process. “I particularly like Karen [Sanders],” Leslie said of the Community Manager at Tramonto. “She’s very informative.”

Like all home buyers, the Cutlers had plenty of questions. They never felt they had to dig for answers, though, as Karen and others were happy to share information freely. Leslie even said the more mundane elements of closing on the home, like the paperwork, were handled in smart, efficient ways, making the entire experience fun and painless.

“We have actually sent two of our very close friends out there to visit with Karen,” Leslie said. And that is about as high a compliment as a new home buyer can pay the builder.

Perhaps the Cutler’s search resonates with you. Are you looking for a home that matches your lifestyle? One with a prime location that’s neither too busy nor too remote? Does the idea of less home maintenance sound appealing?

Maybe it’s time for you to take a closer look at Tramonto, yourself. It’s possible to live in a home that makes you feel like you’re on vacation all the time, and the Boulder Creek team can help you make that a reality.

The ranch-style patio homes range from 1660 square feet up to 2600 square feet including the lower level. These homes start in the low $500s, with several Quick Move-In homes available. Karen would be happy to give you a personal tour, so call 720.606.4340 to set up an appointment.

If you’d rather learn a bit more first, visit their website at

By A Martin, At Home. Photography by Timothy Seibert